Friday, January 1, 2010

WebHostAutomation Offers Bulk Purchase Deals

WebHostAutomation, a provider of software-based systems and services for the web hosting industry, today announced Bulk Purchase Deals of Helm to Feed Growth/Upgrade Demand.

The producers of Helm 4 have revealed a new sales offer that they believe will greatly assist webhosts in the expansion of their operations, as well as with upgrade from the earlier Helm 3 version.
By offering discounts on bulk purchases of five, 10 and 20 licences, Helm users stand to make savings. While Helm licences have already been offered at 50% discount off the ticket price, for webhosts buying in bulk today, extra licences are being offered for free. At bulk purchase entry level, a pack of five Helm licences will cost the equivalent of four licences, while larger purchases will accrue more savings. Purchase of 10 licences will therefore cost the equivalent of eight and 20 Helm licences will be billed at the cost of 15, explains the company.


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