Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hostway UK: A Web Hosting Provider

Hostway UK, a web hosting provider, today announced it is offering a 50% discount on industry standard 128 bit SSL certificates. At £35 per annum, the 128 bit GeoTrust QuickSSL premium certificates will be the lowest cost single root certificate available.

Server Choice and SWsoft

ServerChoice.com, a UK based provider of dedicated server products today announced that it has partnered with SWsoft, a server automation and virtualisation software provider. The company has expanded their range of server offerings by introducing three new virtual server packages powered by SWsoft's Virtuozzo solution.

Advanced Internet Technologies

Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc., a web hosting provider, announces its money saving promotion, Happy Hosting Holidays. The savings are applicable on select fully-managed business, reseller and dedicated options. The company states that these promotions have free value-additions.

Hosted Solutions and Yap

Hosted Solutions, the East Coast's data center and managed services provider, has added Yap, the creators of a speech recognition platform, to their portfolio of Web 2.0 companies. The Charlotte, North Carolina based company provides a service that converts anything anyone says into text, instantaneously.

Domain Names for Auction

SnapNames Live Auction catalog to list top domain names for debut auction at DOMAINfest Global's Hollywood Event in January 2008

More Load Balancer for Softlayer

SoftLayer announced it has added an automated, hardware-driven load balancing solution to its portfolio of automated managed services.

Reseller Program for Web Hosting Business

The Planet, a dedicated hosting company, today launched its first reseller program under their new corporate moniker. The three-tiered program provides web hosting resellers with multiple options for building their businesses.

The Birth of SQLBase Treasury

Unify Corp., a provider of application modernization software, today announced the availability of SQLBase Treasury, a fully transactional, high performance and encrypted version of the SQLBase embeddable database.

The company claims that SQLBase Treasury helps organizations avoid bad press, damage to reputations and possible costly litigation by providing security and protection of databases and applications.

SQLBase Treasury can help organizations take control of securing confidential information on networks and laptops. With industry-standard 128bit Triple DES database encryption, over the wire and database encryption, and built-in brute force, denial of service attack and encryption key search prevention, SQLBase provides a tamperproof database for customers with mobile workforces that store or distribute sensitive or financial customer data.

The system encrypts data traffic between client and server to protect from network sniffing attacks. In addition SQLBase protects from password guessing attacks and DOS denial of service attacks by incrementing login retry intervals. Every unsuccessful attempt made to access the data through a false password is timed and the time is then doubled on the next attempt. Programs that try a large number of passwords are blocked.

SQLBase Treasury, built on the heritage of SQLBase 11, is a small footprint, self managing embedded databases among ISVs and corporate end users. The combination of zero maintenance, reliability, embeddablity and encryption make SQLBase Treasury ideal as a relational data store for low-security, high-risk environments. A product evaluation of SQLBase Treasury is available from the Unify website. Pricing begins at $224 for a developer version.

"SQLBase Treasury encrypts information within the database and secures applications, to protect against hacking and attacks of personal and confidential data. Customers face the very real threat of theft, security breaches and brute force attacks in today's mobile world. SQLBase Treasury brings peace of mind to organizations that widely use laptops and have an increased risk of losing sensitive information by encrypting the data and applications, preventing it from getting into the hands of competitors and criminals," said Duane George, Vice President of Product Development and CTO of Unify.

Softlayer Web Host Has Partnership iwth Intermap Network Services Corporation

Internap Network Services Corporation, a provider of end-to-end Internet business solutions, today announced that SoftLayer, a supplier of on-demand hosting services, signed a 5-year contract with Internap to deliver data center and network services to power its utility hosting solution.

ICANN Wants Accurate Information

If you are a domain owner, you are like to receive this message from ICANN. Read on...

It's that time of year again. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) annually requires that all accredited registrars (like Go Daddy)

Why the Planet Data Center?

"Just as large companies require a rich IT infrastructure, today's small businesses require the same products and tools, but at prices geared to meet their budgets," said The Planet's Director of Product Management Urvish Vashi.

ICANN introduces new magazine

We want people to understand what issues are pending before ICANN, how interested stakeholders can contribute and when decisions will be made. This magazine will help that understanding. This is the latest in series of improvements to accountability and transparency at ICANN. Some of these changes include improved board reporting, a blog, an annual report, an improved website,