Friday, January 1, 2010

The First Virtual Dedicated Cluster Service

Cartika Hosting, a business web hosting provider, today announced that it has introduced the web hosting industry's first true Virtual Dedicated Cluster service, designed for businesses with diverse but robust hosting requirements.

100,000 Domains Hosted By CrystalTech Web Hosting

CrystalTech Web Hosting, a Newtek Business Services company and provider of Windows web hosting, yesterday announced that they are now hosting 100,000 domains.

Open Global Registrations of Domain Names

 The Registry, LLC, yesterday announced that it will be offering open global registrations of domain names under the root name on September 19th, 2007 at 12:00 PM CDT, allowing anyone the opportunity to register generic or premium domain names on a worldwide basis.

VMware Introduces New Virtualization Softwares

VMware, Inc., the virtualization provider, yesterday announced the industry's next generation thin hypervisor to be integrated into server hardware, as well as new desktop management and automated disaster recovery solutions.

Easy CGI Web Host Becomes Member of ScanAlert Safe Network

Easy CGI Webhost, a web hosting provider, today announced that it is now a member of ScanAlert's Hacker Safe network. The hacker Safe seal located on Easy CGI's website symbolizes Easy CGI's commitment to its customers' security.

NaviSite Acquires netASPx

NaviSite, Inc., a provider of applications management and managed hosting solutions, has entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire privately-owned applications management service provider netASPx for $40.5 million, consisting of approximately $15.5 million in cash and $25.0 million in Convertible Preferred Stock.

RackForce Offers Enterprice Grade Backup

RackForce, an infrastructure provider for hosting and applications, yesterday announced that it now offers enterprise grade backup service for its hosted server customers by utilizing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager in line with Storage Area Networks and LTO4 tape systems.

A company spokesperson stated that many enterprise products like IBM Tivoli have traditionally not been available to the small to medium size business. Now that larger hosting infrastructure providers have the economies of scale to attract vendors like IBM they can provide the technology as a service and make it affordable for everyone. Now solutions providers, ISVs and hosting companies can provide first class backup for their customers.

The company will begin providing its Tivoli backup service on its 5000, 5100, 5300 and 5350 Server models with Windows or Linux Operating Systems and DDS Windows Virtual Private Servers. It will be affordably priced on a monthly flat rate plus overages.

RackForce's General Manager, Randall Robinson explained, "Hosting infrastructure providers are in the business of providing reliability but our industry has not typically provided backup solutions capable of supporting the fast growing online web sites and applications. We knew we could not stay status quo on this and decided after much research and planning that the award winning Tivoli backup solution was the answer."

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World's Gate Enters Web Hosting Service For Chinese Websites

The World's Gate, Inc., owner of the overseas Chinese portal site,, announced its web hosting service today. The service is tailored for Chinese websites.

The company claims that this new service is in response to a new wave of censorship imposed by the Chinese regime on many websites hosted inside China. In the past few weeks, many Chinese websites, especially interactive sites such as blogs and forums, have been shut down or denied Internet access by the Chinese regime, in anticipation of the 17th Communist Party Congress this fall and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Many popular websites face the uncertainty and risk of service interruptions and massive loss of users' postings, typically leading to disgruntled users and the demise of these sites.

To cater to the critical need of stable and censorship-free web space, the company offers several web hosting packages, with data centers located outside China, far out of reach of the Chinese government's already over stretched arms. Websites owners and users will be able to enjoy the same freedom for their content online as everyone does in the free world. However, the company won't be hosting pornographic, hatred inciting, or terrorists-related websites.

Interxion Invests For DataCenter

Interxion, a provider of premium carrier-neutral datacenter and managed services in Europe, earlier this week announced that it is investing an additional EUR 40 Million in the next phase of its datacenter expansions across Europe adding approximately 5,000 sqm of net sellable space. This brings the total committed Interxion footprint expansion in 2007/2008 to 13,000 sqm of net sellable space.

To finance this expansion plan, the company claims to have successfully secured an additional EUR 30 Million flexible credit facility with Fortis Amsterdam, acting as Arranger, and Rabobank. This brings the total credit facility available to Interxion up to EUR 62.5 Million. The new datacenter space will be facilitated in London, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Brussels. Expansions in London, Madrid and Brussels will be available as soon as Q1 2008. The new datacenter in Frankfurt, which will be the fifth Interxion datacenter in the city, is planned to be operational in Q3 2008. --

Innovative Domain Name Generator

MakeWords, a New York company, today announced the launch of its innovative domain name generator and search engine at . Randomainer combines the English dictionary, language rules and the domain registry to suggest hundreds of name ideas.

At first, Randomainer looks for semantic relations to the keyword you are interested in. These relations have been defined by word sequences and proximity analysis on millions of text pages. Based on the resulting relations a list of new random words is created, using statistical regularities in words to come up with patterns for names that are pronounceable in the English language. Resulting random names are then queried against the global Whois database of domain names to determine their availability.

The user can then go through the list of available domains and see if any of the names suit their needs, or they can continue their search by clicking on the related words. Depending on the requirements, you may come up with a perfect match in a mere few minutes.

The interface of Randomainer is purposefully kept as simple as possible, so that nothing would interfere with the user's concentration on the result sets. Even the seed keyword doesn't actually have to be entered - suitable domains can be found as easily as continuously pressing the Random button.

Advanced search options include specifying the beginning and end parts of the names. In addition to the .com domains, the search engine can also query the .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us and .ws domains. --

Global Net Access Deploys Multiple Data Bandwidth

Global Net Access, LLC, an Atlanta Based Datacenter today announced that on January 1st, 2008 they will add Quest to the other 7 Tier 1 bandwidth providers on their GOLD data network. By deploying multiple data bandwidth providers though the Avaya Route Science Route Optimizer, GNAX is able to provide its Atlanta customers bandwidth that depending on the type of data, chooses the best, most stable, and fastest route.

Typical datacenters deploy customers using the aging BGP4 technology, which determines the 'best' route for data to take based solely on the number of providers the data must travel though. GNAX's datacenter bandwidth provides faster speeds by scanning all possible routes and using a custom set matrix depending on type of traffic to determine what is important to that traffic.

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Dynamic Network Services Incorporated Has New Data Center

Dynamic Network Services Incorporated, today announced the launch of its new Hong Kong data center, the company's first operations base in the Asia Pacific region.

The company states that the new Hong Kong data center has been brought online as part of the company's top tier, globally redundant, geographically distributed DNS network . This setup answers more than a billion queries per day from six locations worldwide, spread over three continents and carefully balanced according to network demand. The company caters to more than two million users, around the clock.

With this new expansion, the company guarantees faster-than-ever answers to DNS queries and even greater resilience levels in this highly active region of the globe.

The company claims that through carrier selection, over-provisioning and a custom setup, the network is able to withstand catastrophic failures and peaks in demand without disrupting service to its users. --

Free Hosting From Pulse Web Hosting

Pulse Web Hosting, a web hosting company, announced that they are celebrating the festive spirit by offering one lucky winner their, Power Plus, free for 2008.

The company declares that the competition is open to anyone and there is no obligation to purchase Pulse products to enter. A prize draw held on January 2, 2008 which will determine the winner and anyone interested in entering can do so via the fast host provider's website.

The company stated that any customer that buys a package in December should also enter the draw because if their name is picked they will have the cost of their package refunded and, if necessary, be upgraded to Power Plus for 2008.

company also claimed to have launched last month promising to offer low-cost high quality hosting services. With selected packages they are offering a fully configured e-commerce web site. The provider also offers email packages, domains, dedicated servers and corporate services such as online marketing and business broadband.

Sam Benson, Product Marketing Manager for Pulse Web Hosting, said: "Seeing as its Christmas we've decided to get in the spirit of giving and are offering our most powerful package for free to one lucky winner for the whole of 2008." --

Intelligent Application Programming Interface For Enhanced Email Marketing Campaigns

MailChimp, an email marketing service provider, announces its new intelligent Application Programming Interface for enhanced email marketing campaigns. Marketers can now sync important email marketing data with their own database, CRM, CMS, or e-commerce shopping cart with the new MailChimp API.

The company declared that the new MailChimp API is available in three programming options including XML-RPC, PHP, and JSON. It further states that MailChimp automatically sorts and parses soft/hard bounces, unsubscribes, ISP FBL complaints, it also has dedicated IP and authentication options available for better email deliverability. Further it also states that programmers can create aggregate reports or manipulate data according to their own requirements and other features include the ability to link campaign statistics to an internal database for behavior targeting or pass customer data to MailChimp and send email campaigns based on purchase/signup date segments.

The company avers that the email marketers can build client portals and pull campaign statistics from MailChimp, send "we also recommend this…" campaigns to people who purchased items recently, and pass subscription/account status data to MailChimp so only "active" members receive emails.

"The biggest benefit of the MailChimp API is that you can keep your customer database exactly the way you have it, and 'outsource' email delivery to MailChimp," said Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder of MailChimp. "Tech teams will enjoy the new API because they can focus on what they were hired to do and not have to worry about pesky email delivery, bounce management, and SMTP server issues." --

ServerADay Experiencing High Sales, a dedicated server deal-a-day site launched by in October, announced today it has exceeded quarterly sales goals and will increase datacenter capacity by 4,000 servers to meet demand.

The company states that initially, managers of the new venture had hoped to sell 150 servers through the end of 2007, but further claims that to date, the company has closed more than 250 orders, and is on pace to reach 300 servers by the end of the year double the original goal.

The company states that it has immediately started provisioning capacity for an additional 1,000 servers in its Stratford, Conn. datacenter, to be ready in early January. By Q3 2008, it also belives that it will have this capacity ready for an additional 3,000 servers. The company declares that all servers sold on the site will receive's datacenter features, including high quality fiber, redundant infrastructure, and physical and network security.

The company also stated that dedicated servers featured on the site are typically excess stock or upgraded servers from's datacenters. Further the offers on the site do not require customers to commit to long term contracts; all servers are sold on a month-to-month basis. The company claims that once a customer signs up at a certain price, the cost won't increase. --

SWsoft Ties Up With Acronis

SWsoft, an automation and virtualization software provider, today announced a partnership with Acronis to resell Acronis True Image Server for SWsoft Plesk 8.1 control panel software.

According to the company, the stand-alone solution, which also works with other control panels, will enable service providers to offer backup and recovery capabilities with dedicated hosting packages.

Acronis True Image Server is a disaster recovery, backup and disk imaging solution for Windows and Linux that provides system protection and recovery of servers. Users can manage Acronis True Image Server through the Plesk interface or with other control panels.

"This partnership supports our OPEN FUSION strategy to create a unified hosting ecosystem by advancing the integration of SWsoft products with a range of systems, applications and solutions, this offering integrates two leading technologies - our Plesk control panel and the Acronis backup software – to deliver a powerful solution for hosting providers," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO, SWsoft.


Advanced Internet Technologies Offers Merchant Account Gateway

Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc., an ICANN accredited registrar and a provider of web hosting services, today announced a Merchant Account Gateway.
AIT's Merchant Commerce and Payment Services offers customers credit card processing options. Customers can choose to opt to sell on the Internet in their retail storefront or go mobile selling at tradeshows and other vendor markets. An MCPS Payment Gateway account provides customers with a bridge between their e-commerce web site and the credit card processing networks.
AIT's solutions are designed to grow customers online business by providing a platform rivaling those of the largest E-Commerce, trading and portal web sites. The advantages of doing business with AIT's Merchant Commerce and Payment Services are faster checkout times, reduced costs, increased productivity and system stability and reliability. Several integration methods provide multiple levels of customization, because AIT's MCPS supports 85 certified shopping carts. MCPS protects customer information with encryption and security protocols. It also provides live technical and account support to merchants seven days a week, also access to online documentation and user guides, says the company.

Digital Realty Acquires 114 Rue Ambroise Croizat

Digital Realty Trust, a owner and manager of corporate datacenters and Internet gateways, today announced the acquisition of 114 Rue Ambroise Croizat in Paris, France.

The purchase price for the datacenter facility was 38 million euros. The property is currently 64% leased and consists of a 151,000 sq.ft. datacenter facility, which includes more than 76,000 sq.ft. of raised floor and over 201,000 sq.ft. that will be added to the company's inventory of space held for redevelopment, says the company.

"The acquisition of the Paris property accomplishes two important objectives for us. First, it establishes a significant footprint for DLR in this important global market with an income producing datacenter; and second, it represents an excellent opportunity for us to satisfy the demand for additional datacenter space in the Paris market with over 200,000 square feet available for redevelopment," said Michael Foust, CEO of Digital Realty Trust.


Verio Offers ShopSite

Verio, a hosting and managed service provider for small to midsized companies and partners, today announced that it has rolled-out for its web hosting customers, the latest version of ShopSite 8.1.

ShopSite 8.1 is compatible with multiple payment processing services, including PayPal, Authorize.Net and WorldPay. It also supports new Google Checkout allowing merchants to accept credit card payments without having to obtain a merchant account.

ShopSite 8.1 is certified by VISA as a Payment Application Best Practices applicant and will automatically pass purchasing information by Verisign's Fraud Control system. Additionally, a new auction integration function allows customers with eBay seller accounts to offer up products for auction on eBay directly from his or her ShopSite back office interface.


WebCinch Offers New Line of Reseller Web Hosting

WebCinch, a cPanel powered small business web hosting provider, today announced it has launched a new line of reseller web hosting services.

The new Linux-based reseller hosting plans, which rely on the cPanel/WHM control panel system, are hosted on Intel Quad Core Dual Xeon servers. Reseller plans include up to 40 GBs of disk storage space and up to 300 GB of monthly bandwidth capacity.

The new reseller plans include many hosting service add-ons such as the Fantastico! script auto-installer package, photo gallery software, Soholaunch Pro website builder and support for an array of development languages. Reseller plans start at $22.95/monthly and include a 30 day money back guarantee, says the company.


Wikia Introduces OpenServing

Wikia, Inc., a community resources for building free content on topics, yesterday announced OpenServing, a next step in Jimmy Wales's vision for community-centered content and computing.
Wikia's OpenServing extends the essence of the open source model – free software and content – to all aspects of web-based computing. The Wikia's OpenServing offers free software, bandwidth, storage, computing power, content over the Internet and 100% of the ad inventory and revenue to bloggers and website owners who partner with Wikia. Wikia supports the development of the open source software that runs both Wikipedia and Wikia, as well as thousands of other wiki sites. Wikia plans to enhance the software with usability, spam prevention and community management, says the company.

Dotster Web Host Offers Windows-based Virtual Private Server

Dotster, Inc., a web hosting company, yesterday announced the addition of three Windows-based packages to its Virtual Private Server offering.
According to the company, VPS delivers the benefits of a private environment without the cost of a dedicated server, including independent operating systems, web servers, mail servers and software instances. Additionally, they are offering Windows and Linux VPS packages that provides developers with a set of services for all of their programming requirements.
Dotster is also launching three Windows-based VPS plans with prices starting at $59.95/month. The plans feature disk space ranging from 10 GB to 50 GB, bandwidth ranging from 250 GB to 750 GB, and 1, 2, or 8 dedicated IP addresses. Hosting for 30 domains is included in all the packages for no additional charge. Customers can upgrade their packages to host 100 domains for $3.75/month or unlimited domains for $7.50/month. All of Dotster's VPS plans for Windows provide administrator access and are powered by Virtuozzo technology.

VeriSign Announces Availability of Extended Validation SSL Certificates

VeriSign, a provider of intelligent infrastructure for the networked world, today announced the general availability of its Extended Validation SSL Certificates.

The new SSL certificate helps protect users against online fraudulent activity by providing third party verification of a website's authenticity. These new certificates supports Microsoft's IE7 and Vista OS and also incorporates VeriSign's EV Upgrader technology enabling all Windows XP clients using IE7 to display the same green address bar and other interface enhancements as Windows Vista clients.

VeriSign's Extended Validation SSL certificates also provides a visual cue that these sites are who they claim to be and that their online transactions are secured by encryption. When a user enters a URL in a supporting browser such as IE7, the browser address bar will turn green, indicating that the site's identity has been verified using known, reliable authentication methodology. The green browser bar will also display the registered organization's name and the name of the SSL provider, which allows site visitors to confirm the genuine name of the businesses they are interacting with online.


ServePath Gains Gold Certified Status From Microsoft

ServePath, a dedicated server provider, today announced that it has attained Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program in advanced infrastructure and networking infrastructure sSolutions.
As a Gold Certified Partner, ServePath has demonstrated with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customers needs. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners receives a set of benefits, including access, training and support, giving them an advantage in the channel.
As one of the requirements for attaining Gold Certified Partner status, ServePath had to declare a Microsoft Competency. Microsoft Competencies are designed to help differentiate a partner's capabilities with Microsoft technologies to customers looking for a particular type of solution. Each competency has a set of requirements and benefits, formulated to represent the specific skills and services that partners bring to the technology industry. ServePath has achieved status as a Gold Certified Partner in two competencies, advanced infrastructure solutions and networking infrastructure solutions, says the company.

IT Net Web Host Offers WebsiteCreator

ITnet, a web hosting, domain registration and Internet services provider, today announced the launch of an Italian language version of the WebsiteCreator from CM4all, a provider of website building technology, to its customers in Italy.

According to the comapny, customers of ITnet now have the opportunity to create and maintain professional websites using the user-friendly website building tool. In addition to its professionally designed templates and a WYSIWYG editor for editing the contents online, there are features available including a blogging tool, flash animations, online photo album and a media archive.

CM-AG adapted the user interface of the CM4all WebsiteCreator to ITnet's corporate design and installed the software in their data center.

"ITnet's target market is business customers and the CM4all online Web site builder tool appeared to us as a really professional, up-to-date and scalable solution perfect for our market," said Enrico Cuttica, Product Manager, Web hosting ITnet.


Hosting Cart Offers WebSite Tonight, a provider of web hosting services, today announced a new utility within its site builder application, WebSite Tonight.

The newest version of WebSite Tonight allows site creators to incorporate RSS feeds into their pages, without any programming skills or extra software. These feeds, which can include news, weather, sports, stock prices or even blogs, constantly update the page contents. Although provides feeds for customers to include in their site, customers have the option to add their own, says the company.

" was there for us at 9 p.m. on a Sunday when we had to register a new domain name and create our WebSite Tonight Page. We needed to be ready to receive email and traffic on Monday morning.'s service was great and we have piece of mind that will be there 24/7," said Jason Matthews, Marketing Director of eLogistics.


27th International Public Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil

ICANN, recently announced the conclusion of 27th International Public Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Over 720 delegates from 90 countries gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil for ICANN's 27th International Meeting. These meetings, one of three held each year, are open to anyone interested in participating.
Other noteworthy events this week included the signing of the .asia Registry Agreement with the sponsor, DotAsia Organization which was announced in October and the addition of Ecuador, Jamaica and Norway to ICANN's Country Code Names Support Organization. This brings membership of the ccNSO to 57 countries, says ICANN.

"This has been a very successful meeting that has seen exceptional cooperation from the ICANN community and substantial progress on a number of fronts, a highlight d uring the week was the formation of the Latin America - Caribbean RALO, which has seen twenty-two Internet user groups from across the region come together to form a group that represents Internet users. This is a historic moment that will mean individual Internet users from this region will have greater input into ICANN's processes," said Vint Cerf, Chairman of ICANN.

"I am delighted to say that Vint Cerf was returned as Chairman and Mr. Roberto Gaetano was elected as Deputy Chair. We are extremely fortunate to have these two outstanding members of the community in these crucial leadership roles, it's also timely to recognize that the Board members, like so many in the ICANN community provide their time as volunteers. This takes a huge toll on them and we are extremely grateful for their efforts," said Dr Paul Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN.


Plesk Expand 2.1

SWsoft, a server automation and virtualization software company, today announced the release of Plesk Expand 2.1 with new features for service providers to centrally manage Plesk servers and wider support for popular operating systems.

One key feature in Plesk Expand 2.1 is a new Client/Domain migration capability that enables administrators to move an account from one Plesk server to another. The software also allows service providers to manage Plesk domain aliases from a centralized DNS solution.

The software adds support for Red Hat Fedora Core 4, CentOS4 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, besides additional key features like Centralized Trouble Ticketing Support, License Auto-update, VZ Templates, Single Startup Script, Virtuozzo Control Center web panel.


Applied Innovations Offers WebSeller Full Private Label Reseller

Applied Innovations, a shared and application hosting solutions provider, today announced that it has released its WebSeller Full Private Label Reseller offering, a virtual 'Webhost In a Box' solution.
According to the company, the package is based on a customized version of the HELM control panel and offers web hosting resellers an array of integrated tools and services they need to build a successful web hosting business. WebSeller features private name servers, an integrated domain name registration service, a customizable hosting plan builder and built-in customer billing system.
WebSeller Subscriptions start at $39.95/monthly and vary depending on the selected billing period. The starter plan includes 10 GB of common disk space, 300 GB of monthly throughput and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains.
"Reseller hosting has been an important


IXEurope Enhances IXIP Platform

IXEurope, a datacentre company, on Saturday announced that it has enhanced its IXIP platform by installing Internap's Intelligent Internet route optimisation platform on its infrastructure.
IXIP is a multi-homed IP network service which provides IXEurope's datacentre customers networks over a single connection. The high performance service enhancement is possible by using the Internap Flow Control Platform. The platform gives every minute visibility into the performance of the IP transit product and routes traffic by monitoring the Internet, measuring network latency and packet loss over the major carriers and automatically adjusting customer traffic to the optimal path, claims the company.
"Internap has enabled us to instantly improve our IXIP service," comments Andy Castle, Vice President of IT Services at IXEurope. "In contrast to the traditional BGP methods, we are now able to guarantee that our customers will consistency receive an exceptionally high standard of internet performance, with the benefits of a secure, reliable and scaleable foundation."

AT&T Opens New Data Centers

AT&T Inc, a telecommunications company, today announced that it is opening two new data centers in Shanghai, China and in Oak Brook, Ill., which is located outside Chicago.

The Shanghai facility, located in the city's Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, is the second AT&T Internet data center in that city. AT&T will operate the Shanghai facilities in alliance with local service providers and will coordinate service delivery with those providers. AT&T, however, will be customers single point of contact for Enterprise Hosting Services being delivered in China.
In the United States, the Oak Brook facility complements AT&T's data center in nearby Lisle, Ill. to further expand the company's hosting presence in the Chicago area. Both centers added 25% more space. AT&T plans more data center expansions elsewhere in the U.S. and around the world in 2007, says the company.--

Reduced SSL Certificate Prices

Hostbreak, a web hosting services provider, today announced that it reduces its SSL Certificate Prices.
Rapid SSL Certificate, old price was $68.00 and new price is $40.00 and Wildcard SSL Certificate, old price was $199.00 while new price is $120.00. Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, is the standard security technology for creating a link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and the browser remains private and integral. In order to be able to generate an SSL link, a web server requires an SSL Certificate, says the company.

Hostbreak CEO, Aziz Paracha says, "We seek the confidence of our clients and to bring them the best of services and proffering within their budget. We maintain the best quality of services and don't compromise over it."--

Unlimited Web Hosting, a web hosting solution provider, on Saturday announced that it begins unlimited domain hosting plan to the public.

The 'Enterprise' plan features 40000 MB data storage, 500 GB data transfer, the ability to host an unlimited number of domains on a single account, free domain registration. The plan will include unlimited sub-domains, unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited FTP accounts.
The plan is suited for individuals and companies looking for ways to run a large number of websites through one hosting account. guarantees a 99.9% uptime and offers quality 24-7 customer support with every hosting package, says the company.

Free Web Hosting Service

GlobalWebBrands, a shared hosting provider, today announced that is has launched a free web hosting service, FreewayWebhost.
Company explains that, the service offers free hosting through a user's own domain name or through a FreewayWebhost subdomain. The service is subsidized through the appearance of text and banner advertisements on users websites. If a user does not wish to have ads on their site, they may opt to purchase a Pro hosting package.
Users may register their domains through FreewayWebhost, or use a domain they have previously registered. The company's subdomain hosting service does not require users to have their own domain. "One thing that sets our new hosting service apart from other players," stated GlobalWebBrands CEO, Daniel Briere, "is that we have the ability to host our users domain names. Many free hosts just give a subdirectory or subdomain of the host's own domain. However, we wanted to offer a truly useful service."

Hurricane Electric Increases Size Connection

Hurricane Electric, a colocation service provider, on Saturday announced that it has increased the size of its connection at PAIX Palo Alto.
Hurricane Electric upgraded its connection to the PAIX exchange from a Gigabit Ethernet port to a 10 GB Ethernet port. The upgrade will increase the amount of traffic Hurricane Electric can handle over its network and will increase its connectivity to its peering networks, says the company.
"We are working on upgrading even more exchange points across our network to improve our connectivity in the U.S. and around the world," said Mike Leber, Hurricane Electric President. "Our goal is to continue to improve our network and offer our customers increased capacity, more reliability, and faster throughput."a

Ruby On Rails Now Available In Free Rider Web Hosting

Free Rider web hosting, a web hosting company, today announced that it now supports web sites created using Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is a framework which lets developers easily assemble rich and dynamic web sites. Programming with Rails allows a web designer to wrap applications around a database. It has been acclaimed in web development and software engineering circles as a standard for development and speed of delivery, claims the company.

"Free Rider Web Hosting sees this as another way of allowing customers to create advanced, user friendly web sites. Ruby on Rails is sure to be welcomed by existing and new customers alike," said Simon Drain, CEO of Free Rider Web Hosting.


DataPoint Acquires VelocityServer

DataPoint, Inc., a data center provider, today announced that it has acquired VelocityServer, a provider of dedicated servers, effective November 30, 2006.
DataPoint will acquire 250 customers and additional data center capacity in the transaction. DataPoint is owned by a company called Continental Broadband, which encompasses commercial Internet data providers wholly owned by Landmark Communications. Privately-owned, Landmark Communications companies are a group of publications and media outlets, including newspapers, television broadcasting, cable TV programming and electronic publishing. VelocityServer is a provider of hosting solutions. The company's data center is located in Baltimore's Digital Harbor.

"DataPoint is a Baltimore-based hosting provider whose customer service philosophies matched our own," explained the Principal of VelocityServer, John Glorioso. "Our matching goals coupled with their superior hosting infrastructure made DataPoint the perfect choice to step in and provide our customers with an increased range of products and services."

WebHostAutomation Offers Bulk Purchase Deals

WebHostAutomation, a provider of software-based systems and services for the web hosting industry, today announced Bulk Purchase Deals of Helm to Feed Growth/Upgrade Demand.

The producers of Helm 4 have revealed a new sales offer that they believe will greatly assist webhosts in the expansion of their operations, as well as with upgrade from the earlier Helm 3 version.
By offering discounts on bulk purchases of five, 10 and 20 licences, Helm users stand to make savings. While Helm licences have already been offered at 50% discount off the ticket price, for webhosts buying in bulk today, extra licences are being offered for free. At bulk purchase entry level, a pack of five Helm licences will cost the equivalent of four licences, while larger purchases will accrue more savings. Purchase of 10 licences will therefore cost the equivalent of eight and 20 Helm licences will be billed at the cost of 15, explains the company.


iWeb Group Web Host Rebrand Web Hosting and DataCenter Services

iWeb Group, a provider of web hosting services, today announced that they are re branding its web hosting and datacenter services offers around the iWeb8.Com domain.

iWeb is introducing a completely redesigned website, toll free telephone numbers in over 30 different countries, new web hosting products and a revamped image. The new iWeb8.Com presents iWeb's 8 categories of web Hosting services, from shared hosting, dedicated servers and colocation, to server management, email solutions, instant presence, domain names and free hosting tools designed to make customers worldwide feel like home.

iWeb also reviewed most of it's offers, adding AMD and Intel Core 2 processor support to its dedicated servers and upgrading it's shared hosting disk space allocations to up to 50GB among other features, says the company.

Do My Hosting Offers WebSite Tonight

Do My Hosting, a web hosting provider, today announced that it offers WebSite Tonight product for .mobi domains.
Using WebSite Tonight offered by Do My Hosting, customers can create web sites that are formatted to provide on-the-go mobile content and services. Other enhancements to WebSite Tonight include calendar control, photo album enhancements, animated splash pages with sound, music and video support and an expanded workspace, says the company. --

Exabytes Network Pte. Ltd Offers Free One Year Hosting

Exabytes Network Pte. Ltd., a web hosting company, last week announced that it is offering free 1 year hosting for all its shared hosting plans with renewal of 2 years.

Clients will enjoy 1 year free extra hosting when they renew their existing shared hosting plans for 2 years. This special promotion will last until 31st December 2007, says the company. --

MochaHost Web Host Offers Promotions on Holidays, a web hosting company, announces some promotions available for the upcoming holidays. All promotions will be valid for both new and existing customers.

The company states that the current Holiday Special includes 6 months of free hosting, 2 free domain names, and a free sitebuilder for any of the company's plans for every customer who signs up for 2 years of service. Other season specials include: a free domain for any annual purchase and special discounts for non-profit organizations and military personnel, along with a special 10% discount for any of their reseller plans.

Host Color Web Host Adds Latest Version of Drupal CMS

Host Color, a web hosting provider, announced today that it has added a new control management system to its shared web hosting plans.

The company also declared that the latest version of Drupal CMS is available and easy to install with the company's preinstalled PowerTools software package for four of their web hosting plans.

The company claims that Drupal is easy to customize powerful PHP/MySQL based Open Source CMS. It allows web administrators or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a great variety of content on a website. The company states that website owner does not need any programming knowledge to turn a Drupal based website into a forum, FAQ, blog, wiki or other type of website. It further claims to be one of the most flexible and easy to use management systems and it's control PowerTools package will allow customers to install applications with one click from the control panel of their web hosting account. --

FastNext Web Host Offers Web Design With Coding

FastNext, a web hosting provider, announces that it is going to simplify site's creation for its clients by offering web design alone with coding. The company states that it will cater to three site needs namely: design, code and hosting.

Znet India Web Host Releases IIS Services 7.0 with ASP.NET 3.5 and DotNetPanel

ZNet India, a provider of web hosting in India, today announced the release of the launch of beta hosting on the latest Microsoft Windows 2008 server and Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0 with ASP.NET 3.5 & DotNetPanel.

SoftLayer Web Host Introduces On-Demand IP Manager

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SoftLayer, a hosting company, announced the launch of the industry's first on-demand IP Manager. The company affirms that it will be available to all customers via their proprietary customer portal and API, IP

Rackspace Web Host To Host Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Rackspace, a managed hosting services provider, today announced that they have entered into an agreement to host the website infrastructure of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. to provide their customers with faster access to product information and software downloads.

The company believes that the redesigned website puts a more prominent focus on Cypress's PSoC mixed-signal arrays and other programmable products, mirroring their transformation into a provider of programmable solutions. Futher they stated that the new includes dynamic drop-down menus that enable users, without clicking, to navigate two and three levels for faster access to information on software, technical documentation, samples, kits, training, etc.

The company affirmed that the site has been designed to improve usability by eliminating browser scrolling on the home page and by having personalized search terms remembered automatically in the search tool. In addition, customers are now able to log in to their customized "MyCypress" extranet and view their shopping cart for the online store without having to leave their current location on the site.

"There is a large and growing global demand for Cypress technical information and software downloads, and the driving distribution platform is our website," said Nick Wemyss, director of web marketing and development at Cypress. "As we look to use for more e-commerce applications, uptime is becoming increasingly more important. Rackspace offers a solid infrastructure and flexibility that will solidify our online presence and extend our ability to deliver solutions to our growing customer base."

How To Avoid Fake Web Hosting Companies

Written by Mark Uttley
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At the start of each day hundreds of us venture around the internet on to sites like Web Hosting Talk and fall headlong into a long winded complaint about a web hosting company disappearing or taking money without producing any service.

What is Oxygen Phone Manager?

Oxygen Software today announces the introduction of Software as a Service (SaaS), a highly beneficial service for Oxygen Phone Manager Series which allows the customers to save a considerable sum of money.

Unix vs Linux vs Windows Web Hosting: Which Is Better?

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By e3 Internet Services Group
On the Internet there is a tremoundous amount of argument over which operating system is the best for web hosting.