Friday, January 1, 2010

SoftLayer Web Host Introduces On-Demand IP Manager

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SoftLayer, a hosting company, announced the launch of the industry's first on-demand IP Manager. The company affirms that it will be available to all customers via their proprietary customer portal and API, IP
Manager allows administrators to assign, provision and route IP space at will. It provisions static IP addresses for single server use or portable IP addresses to be used with clustering, virtualization and grid applications.

The company claims that IP Manager also delivers IP management within company's private network. It assigns each new portable IP allocation a matching private IP allocation for use with private network services. As physical machines are divided into virtual machines, IP Manager allocates the public and private IP space needed to make each virtual machine operate as a dedicated server on their network.

The company states that IP Manager provides what has been a missing element in the practical application of virtualization. "If you can add virtual servers on the fly but can't provision IP's just as quickly, virtualization is somewhat worthless," Mr. Moseley said. "Our team took their understanding of that situation and spent the last several months creating the most robust solution you can imagine." --

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