Friday, January 1, 2010

ServerADay Experiencing High Sales, a dedicated server deal-a-day site launched by in October, announced today it has exceeded quarterly sales goals and will increase datacenter capacity by 4,000 servers to meet demand.

The company states that initially, managers of the new venture had hoped to sell 150 servers through the end of 2007, but further claims that to date, the company has closed more than 250 orders, and is on pace to reach 300 servers by the end of the year double the original goal.

The company states that it has immediately started provisioning capacity for an additional 1,000 servers in its Stratford, Conn. datacenter, to be ready in early January. By Q3 2008, it also belives that it will have this capacity ready for an additional 3,000 servers. The company declares that all servers sold on the site will receive's datacenter features, including high quality fiber, redundant infrastructure, and physical and network security.

The company also stated that dedicated servers featured on the site are typically excess stock or upgraded servers from's datacenters. Further the offers on the site do not require customers to commit to long term contracts; all servers are sold on a month-to-month basis. The company claims that once a customer signs up at a certain price, the cost won't increase. --

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