Friday, January 1, 2010

IXEurope Enhances IXIP Platform

IXEurope, a datacentre company, on Saturday announced that it has enhanced its IXIP platform by installing Internap's Intelligent Internet route optimisation platform on its infrastructure.
IXIP is a multi-homed IP network service which provides IXEurope's datacentre customers networks over a single connection. The high performance service enhancement is possible by using the Internap Flow Control Platform. The platform gives every minute visibility into the performance of the IP transit product and routes traffic by monitoring the Internet, measuring network latency and packet loss over the major carriers and automatically adjusting customer traffic to the optimal path, claims the company.
"Internap has enabled us to instantly improve our IXIP service," comments Andy Castle, Vice President of IT Services at IXEurope. "In contrast to the traditional BGP methods, we are now able to guarantee that our customers will consistency receive an exceptionally high standard of internet performance, with the benefits of a secure, reliable and scaleable foundation."

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