Friday, January 1, 2010

Free Web Hosting Service

GlobalWebBrands, a shared hosting provider, today announced that is has launched a free web hosting service, FreewayWebhost.
Company explains that, the service offers free hosting through a user's own domain name or through a FreewayWebhost subdomain. The service is subsidized through the appearance of text and banner advertisements on users websites. If a user does not wish to have ads on their site, they may opt to purchase a Pro hosting package.
Users may register their domains through FreewayWebhost, or use a domain they have previously registered. The company's subdomain hosting service does not require users to have their own domain. "One thing that sets our new hosting service apart from other players," stated GlobalWebBrands CEO, Daniel Briere, "is that we have the ability to host our users domain names. Many free hosts just give a subdirectory or subdomain of the host's own domain. However, we wanted to offer a truly useful service."

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