Friday, January 1, 2010

Advanced Internet Technologies Offers Merchant Account Gateway

Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc., an ICANN accredited registrar and a provider of web hosting services, today announced a Merchant Account Gateway.
AIT's Merchant Commerce and Payment Services offers customers credit card processing options. Customers can choose to opt to sell on the Internet in their retail storefront or go mobile selling at tradeshows and other vendor markets. An MCPS Payment Gateway account provides customers with a bridge between their e-commerce web site and the credit card processing networks.
AIT's solutions are designed to grow customers online business by providing a platform rivaling those of the largest E-Commerce, trading and portal web sites. The advantages of doing business with AIT's Merchant Commerce and Payment Services are faster checkout times, reduced costs, increased productivity and system stability and reliability. Several integration methods provide multiple levels of customization, because AIT's MCPS supports 85 certified shopping carts. MCPS protects customer information with encryption and security protocols. It also provides live technical and account support to merchants seven days a week, also access to online documentation and user guides, says the company.


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