Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Webhosting for SME

Future Hosting, an internet solutions provider serving SMBs and enterprises and developer of Future Engineer, today announced that it has expanded its internal affiliate program, the Future Hosting Partner Program, to allow non-clients to participate and receive cash payouts. The company states that the program will also reward the top-affiliate with a $500 cash bonus. It explains that the competitive program already offers 100 percent payouts on the referred transaction, subject to a 90-day customer retention period. Affiliates simply pass along special tracking URLs to prospective clients, and all sales made through the URL are recorded. As part of today's expansion, the affiliate with the highest total referred sales through the end of May will receive a $500 cash bonus, in the form of an instant credit to his or her affiliate account.

29 April 2010 username and password of nod32









Draw Number 42 of Rs. 7500 prize bond will be held on Monday May , 03 2010 At Quetta

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 10 Mistakes in Making A Website

1. Too many graphics:
A web page should load in a reasonable amount of time. If you use too many graphics, or graphics that are not scaled and saved in the most efficient format, your pages will take longer to load. Impatient users may bail out and go to another site. Clean and fast should be the goal. You can usually make a very nice layout using HTML and CSS without the whole page being a sliced up graphic. Of course I've built sites for people who insisted on pages based entirely on graphics and in that case I usually try to get the Adobe Photoshop files from the graphic artist and slice them and save the slices myself. This way I can mix and match file formats. For example sections with few colors can be saved as gifs which are usually very small, especially if you tweak the number of colors. Sections that contain more colors or photographs work best as jpg image files. Mixing file types like this can cause some issues that you should be aware of: colors may not match exactly between a gif and a jpg. For example if you have a background color in both or some other object in the images of adjoining cells you may have trouble getting a gif and jpg to look seamless because of slight color shifts.

2. Color Choices.

ReliaCloud Cloud Computing Webhosting Provider

ReliaCloud, a national cloud computing infrastructure company, today announced the launch of its ReliaCloud Affiliate Program. The company avers that under the terms of the new program, affiliates earn $25 for each referred customer. It says that it is the first cloud hosting company to offer cloud services with Commission Junction. With 75% of companies stating that cloud computing is a priority for their companies in 2010, the demand for cloud solutions is unprecedented. The company further explains that with a variety of banner and text ads to choose from, affiliates can choose which look and feel best fits the ambiance of their own website.

"We designed this new program to give affiliates an easy way to offer cloud services," said Al Afflitto, Channel Manager at ReliaCloud. "With our program, affiliates can realize instant revenue by helping their clients utilize cloud services."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cloud Computing Web Hosting in Europe

City Network, a provider of hosting services, today announced the launch of an innovative Cloud Computing service. The new service, called City Cloud, enables customers to create virtual servers and scale them up and down as needed with a single click. The company adds that the service is available immediately to customers, and is the first Cloud Computing service based in Scandinavia.

It claims that City Cloud enables customers to pay by the hour rather than investing in their own servers and data centers. The service has a price point starting at about half of competing products, such as Amazon EC2. The company states that the it partnered with Enomaly to create City Cloud, and the service is based on Enomaly's Elastic Computing Platform, Service Provider Edition. City Cloud also leverages its established and robust infrastructure, with multiple power and network providers, dual cooling sources, and 100 percent guaranteed uptime SLA.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reliable Site Web Hosting Company

ReliableSite.Net LLC, a web hosting company, today announced that it has begun supporting the .NET Framework 4, which was released by Microsoft earlier in the week. The company states that the framework is immediately available on all hosting plans.

It explains that the new release of .NET 4 includes a wide-variety of important changes for developers, including enhancements to core ASP.NET services, as well as new Ajax upgrades, web forms, and functionality for handling dynamic data. A complete listing of upgrades is available from Microsoft's .NET 4 whitepaper.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Parallels, a provider of virtualization and automation software

Parallels, a provider of virtualization and automation software, today launched Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5 with significant upgrades including Google Services for websites, PCI compliance, free installation, migration and upgrade support, support of most virtualization platforms, self-diagnostic tools and automated bug fixers. The company says that it also includes free Parallels Sitebuilder 100 and free Parallels Billing 1000 (supporting USD, AUD, CAD and GBP) when purchased with Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5 Unlimited version.

It claims that Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5, is also the first commercial control panel to offer Google Services for websites which enables hosting companies to monetize the applications available through Google Services for websites. The company further states that for dedicated and shared hosting companies, the new updates are appealing.  Support for the leading virtualization platforms including Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Parallels Server Bare Metal, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Citrix Xen and KVM hypervisors allows flexibility in offering diverse virtualized services, access to thousands of applications ensures a complete and easy end-user experience, self-diagnostic and automated bug fixers allows small businesses to resolve problems quickly and efficiently and PCI Compliance ensures security of transactions.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Building Website Using Microsoft .NET

DotNetNuke Corp., the company behind the adopted framework for building web sites and web applications on Microsoft .NET, and Telerik, a vendor of development tools and user interface components for .NET, yesterday announced a partnership. The company states that under the terms of the agreement, Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, recognized for helping customers build rich, interactive web interfaces, is integrated into the DotNetNuke Community Edition 5.2 and DotNetNuke Professional Edition 5.2.
It explains that the Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX will provide developers with a richer toolset for developing dynamic, engaging user interfaces in the DotNetNuke platform. DotNetNuke Community Edition users will be able to utilize RadControls through standard user interface extensions provided in the DotNetNuke platform. DotNetNuke Professional Edition customers will receive a full development license for Telerik RadControls. The company claims that the development license allows the customer's developers to use the complete RadControls development toolset within their instance of DotNetNuke Professional Edition.

Webhosting Using Intel Quad Xeon 7550 Server

The Planet, a privately held dedicated hosting company, today announced the immediate availability of the Quad Xeon 7550 server, equipped with the new Nehalem EX processor. The company avers that with more than three times the performance of the Intel Xeon 7400 series, this eight-core processor offers new levels of scalability and advanced reliability for mission-critical applications. It becomes the most powerful server in the company's portfolio.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

cPanel and Linux Web Hosting Product

Resellerclub, one of the largest wholesale web services providers in the world, announced that they have integrated cPanel with their Linux Hosting Product. The company currently offers their resellers Unlimited Web Hosting, which comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and databases for $2.49 per month.

"cPanel has become a standard in the industry when it comes to Hosting Control Panels and we are proud to offer it to our resellers." said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO ResellerClub. The company aims at reducing the initial hurdles faced by their resellers when it comes to selling Web Hosting. "With cPanel and Fantastico, our resellers will able to make an even more compelling pitch and thus will be able to earn more off each Customer." added Bhavin.

CloudLinux from SingleHop Webhosting

SingleHop, a dedicated server and managed web hosting provider, today announced the first product launch under their Cascade cloud hosting services program: the CloudLinux operating system. The company states that launched in February 2010, the CloudLinux operating system is designed to increase server density by improving stability and reliability using isolation technology to create Lightweight Virtual Environments (LVEs).

It further states that the use of LVEs improves server density and performance. CloudLinux is easily interchangeable with Centos or Red Hat Enterprise Linux; Cloud Linux founder Igor Seletskiy says that the switch can be made "within five minutes." The company adds that CloudLinux will be available for free with any server above $179.00 per month.

Receiving Google Adsense Payment thru Western Union

From Google News: We've expanded Western Union Quick Cash as an AdSense payment method to 10 new countries: Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Lebanon, Slovenia, Tunisia, Moldova and Malta. If you live in any of these locations, you can now sign up to receive your AdSense payments from your local Western Union agent. With Western Union, you'll receive your earnings sooner, since you won't have to wait for checks to arrive in the mail or clear at the bank. Plus, AdSense won't charge you a fee to use this payment method.
Please keep in mind these important points:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Logicworks, a provider of enterprise hosting and cloud computing

Logicworks, a provider of enterprise hosting and cloud computing for high-availability applications and content, yesterday announced that it has hired Rick Ellenberger as CEO. The company states that Ellenberger has been at the forefront of technology revolutions for the last 30 years, and has successfully led companies in telecommunications, data integration and internet broadband. It avers that he has acquired, built and restructured several companies and led some of the best-known technology brands to greater profitability and investment. Its founder Carter Burden, who had been the firm's CEO, will continue in his role as Chairman of Logicworks board of directors.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Free Download Latest Version of Coffee Cup Webdesign Software

Free Download Latest Version of Coffee Cup Webdesign Software
We've released yet another update of the HTML Editor. What can we say? We get a kick out of making the best even better. It's a hobby of ours here at CoffeeCup.

So, about this update: You'll be excited to learn that this is just the first update of the year (yep, there's another one on its way), and that it includes more than 20 improvements and enhancements. We've also updated all the HTML Editor themes and released a bunch of shiny new ones too! You can find them here at hefty discounts of over 70%.

It's always a good idea to keep your website design fresh, so get yourself some pretty new themes, and watch the discount increase with every click!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thailand's 20-billion baht IT accessory market

Vox Thailand Co is aiming to earn as much as one billion baht in revenue in Thailand's 20-billion baht IT accessory market this year.

CEO Peerasak Thongnarin says IT accessory firms need to offer appealing designs, which iswhy Vox has secured licensing deals with Warner Brothers and Sanrio among others for its products, which range from computer mice to flash drives and earphones.

The company also hopes to list on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) in early 2011 in a bid to raise 800 million baht to further develop the business.

Security Feature of OpenBSD

Even though OpenBSD is tightly secured, computers running OpenBSD are still broken into. That might seem contradictory, but in truth it means that the person running the computer didn't understand computer security.

OpenBSD has many integrated security features, but people frequently assume that these features handle security for everything that can be installed on the computer. A moment's thought will show that this really isn't possible. No operating system can protect itself from the computer operator's mistakes. An OS can protect itself from problems in installed software to a limited extent, but ultimately the responsibility for security is in the hands of the administrator.

OpenBSD strives to be the most secure operating system in the world

OpenBSD strives to be the most secure operating system in the world. While it can reasonably make that claim now, it's a position that requires a constant struggle to maintain. People who break into systems are constantly trying new ways to penetrate computer systems, which means that today's feature may be tomorrow's security hole. As OpenBSD developers learn of new classes of programming errors and security holes, they scan the entire source tree for that class of problem and fix them before anyone even knows how they might be exploited. The history of computer security shows that users cannot be expected to patch or maintain their own systems; those systems must be secure out of the box. OpenBSD's goal is to eliminate those problems before they exist.

OpenBSD developers strive to implement solutions correctly

OpenBSD developers strive to implement solutions correctly. This means that they follow UNIX standards such as POSIX and ANSI in their implementations. They make it a strict rule to write programs in a reliable and secure manner, following programming's best current practices. Every skilled programmer knows that programs written correctly are more reliable, predictable, and secure. Many free software producers are satisfied if it compiles and seems to work, however, and quite a few commercial software companies don't give their programmers time to write code that correctly. Code in OpenBSD has been made correct by dint of much hard work, and anyone who tries to introduce incorrect code will be turned away — generally politely, and often with constructive criticism, but turned away nonetheless. And that brings us to OpenBSD's most well-known claim to fame.

Original BSD license, OpenBSD is free for use

In keeping with the spirit of the original BSD license, OpenBSD is free for use in any way by anyone. You can use it in any tool you like, on any computer, for any purpose. Most of today's free software is licensed under terms that require distributors of software to return any changes back to the project owner. OpenBSD doesn't come with even that minor requirement. You can take OpenBSD, modify it, and embed it in refrigerators that order replacement food over the Internet, without ever paying the developers a dime. [1]

OpenBSD's documentation is expected to be both complete and accurate

Many free software projects are satisfied with releasing code. Some think that they're going above and beyond by including a help function in the program itself, available by typing some command-line flag. Others really go all out and provide a grammatically incorrect and technically vague manual page.

OpenBSD leaves you every scrap of computing power possible to run your applications


OpenBSD runs on hardware that's been obsolete for ten years. This isn't a deliberate design decision — the hardware was in popular use when OpenBSD was started, and the developers try to maintain speed and compatibility when they can. People who are running OpenBSD on an ancient VAX quickly catch changes that badly affect system performance on 486s, while people running modern Pentium 4s would probably never notice. Some of these changes are required by the advancing nature of the Internet, changes in the tools used to build OpenBSD, and added functionality in the system, but those that are the result of programming errors or misunderstandings are caught quickly.

Is OpenBSD Portable?

OpenBSD is designed to run on a wide variety of popular processors and hardware platforms. These platforms include, but are not limited to: Intel (80386 and compatibles), Alpha, Macintosh (both PowerPC and 68000 models), almost everything from Sun, and a variety of more obscure platforms. Chances are, any computer you will come across can run OpenBSD. The OpenBSD team wants to support as many interesting hardware architectures as they have the hardware and skills to maintain, so more are being added regularly.

Theo de Raadt started OpenBSD in 1995

Theo de Raadt started OpenBSD in 1995 and still coordinates the project. He is the final word on how the system works, what is included in the system and who gets direct access to the repository. He resolves all disputes that contributors and committers cannot resolve amongst themselves. Theo takes whatever actions are necessary to keep the OpenBSD Project running smoothly.

Many people have very specific coordination roles within OpenBSD — quite a few architectures have a "point man" for issues that affect that hardware, the compiler has a maintainer, and so on. These are people who have earned that position of trust within the community. The only time that Theo acts as the final word is when someone has broken one of OpenBSD's few rules, such as bringing bad licenses into the source tree or behaving poorly with other committers.

Committers are people who have direct access to the central OpenBSD source code repository

Committers are people who have direct access to the central OpenBSD source code repository. Most committers are skilled programmers who work on OpenBSD in their own time, as a hobby. They can make whatever changes they deem necessary for their OpenBSD projects, but are answerable to each other and to the project coordinator. They communicate via a variety of mailing lists, which are available for reading by interested parties. As these mailing lists are meant for developers to discuss coding and implementation details on, users asking basic questions are either ignored or asked to be quiet.

Contributors are OpenBSD users who have the skills necessary to add features

Contributors are OpenBSD users who have the skills necessary to add features to the operating system, fix problems, or write documentation. Almost anyone can be a contributor. Problems range from a typographical error in the documentation to a device driver that crashes the system under particular circumstances. Every feature that is included in OpenBSD is there because some contributor took the time to sit down and write the code for it. Contributors who submit careful, correct fixes are welcome in the OpenBSD group.
If a contributor submits enough fixes of high enough quality, he may be offered the role of committer.

OpenBSD Developers

OpenBSD Developers
So, how can a group of volunteers scattered all over the world actually create, maintain, and develop an operating system? Almost all discussion takes place via email and online chat. This can be slower than a face-to-face meeting, but is the only means by which people everywhere in the world can openly and reasonably communicate. This also has the advantage of providing a written record of discussions.

OpenBSD has three tiers of developers: the contributors, the committers, and the coordinator.

Who are OpenBSD Users

OpenBSD is more than just a collection of bits on CD-ROM. It's also a community of users, developers, and contributors. This community can be a bit of a culture shock for anyone who doesn't know what to expect.

Many other open-source operating systems place large amounts of effort into growing their user bases and bringing new people into the UNIX fold. The OpenBSD community doesn't. Most open-source UNIX-like operating systems do a lot of pro-UNIX advocacy. Again, OpenBSD doesn't. Some of the communities that have grown up around these operating systems actively welcome new users and do their best to make newbies feel welcome. OpenBSD does not. They are not trying to be the most popular operating system, just the best at what they do. The OpenBSD developers know exactly who their target market is: themselves.

BSD/OS is a commercial, closed-source operating system produced by Wind River

BSD/OS is a commercial, closed-source operating system produced by Wind River that greatly resembles the open-source BSDs. Some hardware manufacturers will not release specifications for their hardware unless the recipient signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). These NDAs are anathema to any open-source development project. Wind River will sign these NDAs and include reliable drivers for this hardware in BSD/OS.

If you need to run particular server-grade hardware, and it isn't supported under OpenBSD or any other open-source BSD, you might investigate BSD/OS.

Is Apple Mac operating system based on BSD

Mac OS X
The latest version of the Macintosh operating system is based on BSD. OpenBSD makes a comfortable and full-featured desktop for a computer professional, but may scare your grandparents. If you want a very friendly, candy-coated desktop that you can put down in front of grandma, but want power and flexibility under the hood, you might check it out. The source code for the graphic interface of Mac OS X is not available, but you can get the source code for the BSD layer and the Mach kernel from Apple.

What is FreeBSD

FreeBSD is the most popular open-source BSD. While the FreeBSD team considers security important, security is not its reason for eating, sleeping, and breathing as it is for the OpenBSD folks.

What is NetBSD

NetBSD is the direct ancestor of OpenBSD and was written to run on as many different types of hardware as possible. OpenBSD maintains much of this platform-independent design, but doesn't support all of the platforms NetBSD does.

OpenBSD's founder, Theo de Raadt, started as a NetBSD developer

OpenBSD's founder, Theo de Raadt, started as a NetBSD developer several years ago. He had several strong disagreements, on many fronts, with the NetBSD developers about how the operating system should be developed. Eventually, he went out on his own and founded the OpenBSD Project, attracting quite a few like-minded developers to work with him. The OpenBSD team introduced several ideas into the open-source OS world that are now taken for granted, such as public access to the CVS repository and commit logs.
The OpenBSD team quickly established an identity of its own as a security-focused group and is now one of the best-known types of open-source BSD. Today, major companies such as Adobe Systems rely on OpenBSD to provide a reliable, secure operating system.

AT&T was doing its own UNIX development work to meet its internal needs

As the CSRG was merrily improving AT&T's product, AT&T was doing its own UNIX development work to meet its internal needs. As AT&T developers implemented features, they also evaluated patches that came from the CSRG. When they liked a chunk of BSD code, they incorporated it wholesale into AT&T UNIX, then turned around and relicensed the result back to the universities, who used it as the basis for their next round of work.

This somewhat incestuous relationship kept going for many years, until the grand AT&T breakup. Suddenly, the telecommunications giant was no longer forbidden to dabble in commercial computing. Thanks to years of development, and that generation of computer scientists who knew it, UNIX abruptly looked like a solidly marketable product. Berkeley's release of the BSD code met with great displeasure from AT&T and instigated one of the most famous computer-related lawsuits of all time.

Is BSD Open for Public Use?

In the early 1990s, the CSRG's funding started to run out. The University of California had to decide what to do with all this wonderful source code it owned. The simplest thing would have been to drop the original tapes down a well and pretend that the CSRG had never happened. In keeping with the spirit of academic freedom, however, it released the entire BSD collection to the public under an extremely liberal license. The license can be summarized like this:

How does BSD Start?

AT&T employees created UNIX in the early 1970s. At the time, the monster telephone company was forbidden to compete in the computer industry. The telecommunications company used UNIX internally, but could not transform it into a commercial product. As such, AT&T was willing to license the UNIX software and its source code to universities for a nominal fee. This worked well for all parties: AT&T got a few pennies and a generation of computer scientists who cut their teeth on AT&T technology, the universities avoided high operating system license fees, and the students were able to dig around inside the source code and see how computers really worked.

OpenBSD Book I Read, Here's the Introduction

Welcome to Absolute OpenBSD! This book is an introductory text to general management of the OpenBSD server operating system. OpenBSD is a member of the BSD family of operating systems and is widely regarded as the most secure operating system available anywhere, under any licensing terms. It's widely used by Internet service providers, embedded systems manufacturers, and anyone who needs security and stability. If you're an experienced UNIX systems administrator who wants to add OpenBSD to your repertoire, this book is for you!

By the time you finish this book you should be comfortable on an OpenBSD system. You will understand how to manage, upgrade, and patch computers running OpenBSD. You'll also have a basic understanding of OpenBSD's software, security, and network management features.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tagged Website Accused of Spamming

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris has announced, social network Tagged, has agreed to pay a fine of $650,000 for sending millions of deceptive emails in a 2009 campaign to boost its membership.

"Whether you're doing business on Main Street or in cyber space, you can't deceive the customer," said District Attorney Harris.

According to the District Attorney's Office, Tagged sent 40-60 million deceptive emails that falsely stated that a member of the social network had sent the recipient a photo or private message. Before the recipient could access the photo or message they were required to register with the site giving Tagged access to the users email contact list. Tagged repeated the process by sending the same misleading email to the recipient's email contacts. Many consumers later learned Tagged had sent bogus emails in their names to all the people in their contact list.

If Mayweather wins does he take the number one spot away from Pacquiao?

Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley will likely be the biggest selling fight of the year and pits the second and third ranked welterweights against each other. What makes the fight intriguing is that Mayweather has yet to fight any of the current crop of top welterweights. With a win over Mosley some will rank Mayweather ahead of Manny Pacquiao. Obviously fans of either will claim that their fighter is the better and should be ranked accordingly. The question will be how you compare the recent wins of the pair, and especially those that happened at welterweight. Both have fought Hatton, both have fought De Le Hoya, so not much to choose from there.

Thailand anti-government United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD)

Bangkok Post: The anti-government United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) on Tuesday claimed that the group has images and video clips showing the red-shirt protesters got hit by bullets from military tanks.

UDD co-leader and opposition Puea Thai Party MP Jatuporn Prompan said on the stage on Ratchaprasong intersection that the group has a 12-minute footage showing troops hurting the demonstrators in last Saturday's bloody clashes which left at least 21 deaths and more than 800 wounded.

"People with clips showing soldiers hurting the protesters can send them to the UDD so we can prove the government wrong after its own version of the Saturday's political violence.

Western Union Scam by Nigerian Scammers

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Cebu Pacific Latest Promo

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Books for Mothers on Mothers Day

Attention kids – Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9. Sorry, we can't help you with brunch reservations and if you ask us to order chocolates, we'd probably eat them, but we can help you make her day with the mother of all gifts – a book made by you.

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How Much Adobe CS5

Adobe Creative Suite 5 products are scheduled to ship within 30 days, with availability through Adobe Authorized Resellers, the Adobe Store and Adobe Direct Sales. Estimated street price for the suites is expected to be US$2599 for Master Collection CS5, US$1899 for CS5 Design Premium, US$1799 for CS5 Web Premium, US$1699 for CS5 Production Premium and US$1299 for CS5 Design Standard. Upgrade pricing and volume licensing are available. Adobe CS5 products integrate with Adobe CS Live Services, which are complimentary for a limited time.* For more detailed information about features, OS support, upgrade policies, pricing and international versions

Most creative and innovative photography books

Photography Book Now is a celebration of the most creative and innovative photography books, and the people behind them. This is your chance for international recognition and a shot at the $25,000 Grand Prize. The winning books will become a part of a permanent collection housed at the George Eastman House, International Center of Photography, and Annenberg Space for Photography.
We're accepting submissions for the third annual competition now, and we want to see your best work. Last year we had more than 2,000 submissions from 45 countries. This year we're hoping for even more from Blurbarians worldwide. Darius Himes returns as lead judge, along with a panel of world-renowned editors, publishers, and photographers including:

Mobile Feature of Adobe CS5

Using Flash Professional CS5, designers and developers can create, test and deliver Web content across a wide range of mobile platforms and devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, smartbooks and other consumer electronics. Users can look forward to deploying content in the browser with Flash Player 10.1 and as a standalone application with AIR 2 when those planned products become available. In addition, users can now build AIR applications using the new Packager for iPhone tool preview, a component of Flash Professional CS5, which can be deployed on the iPhone and iPad (subject to Apple's requirements and approval) with future device support planned for Android, BlackBerry and Palm webOS.

How to Optimize Adobe CS5

Adobe Creative Suite 5 products integrate with new Adobe CS Live*, a set of five online services that accelerate key aspects of the creative workflow and enable designers to focus on creating their best work. CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited time and currently include Adobe BrowserLab, Adobe CS Review,, Adobe Story and SiteCatalyst® NetAverages™ from Omniture. Adobe CS Review enables online design reviews directly from Creative Suite 5 applications, while Adobe BrowserLab is an indispensable tool for testing Web site content across different browsers and operating systems. NetAverages provides Web usage data that helps reduce the guesswork early in the creative process when designing for Web and mobile. Adobe Story is a collaborative scriptwriting tool that improves production and post-production workflows in CS5 Production Premium. Access to services, such as Adobe ConnectNow Web conferencing, is also included to enhance discussion and information exchange with colleagues and clients around the globe.

Adobe CS5 Fast or Slow?

Engineering breakthroughs throughout Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection work together to dramatically improve performance. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects are now native 64-bit applications on both Mac and Windows®, allowing users to work more fluidly when working on high-resolution projects. The highly anticipated NVIDIA® GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine allows Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 users to open projects faster, refine effects-rich HD sequences in real time and play back complex projects without rendering. The revolutionary time-saving Roto Brush tool in After Effects helps users isolate moving foreground elements in a fraction of the normal time. In addition, Dreamweaver CS5 now supports popular content management systems Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress, allowing designers to get accurate views of dynamic Web content from within the product.

Adobe CS5 Design

More than 250 new features have been integrated into the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection. InDesign CS5 is powering the transition to digital publishing with new interactive documents and enhanced electronic reader device support. Image creation and editing get a boost in Photoshop CS5 with Refine Edge, which offers better edge detecting technology and masking results in less time. Photoshop CS5 also includes the ability to remove an image element and immediately replace the missing pixels with Content-Aware Fill. New stroke options allow Adobe Illustrator CS5 users to create strokes of variable widths and precisely adjust the width at any point along the stroke.

Free Adobe CS5 Download Trial

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Creative Suite® 5, a breakthrough release of the industry-leading design and development software for virtually every creative workflow. Focusing on interactivity, performance and maximizing the impact of digital content and marketing campaigns across media and devices, the Creative Suite 5 product line brings exciting full version upgrades of flagship creative tools while delivering significant workflow enhancements to designers and developers. Featuring integration with online content and digital marketing measurement and optimization capabilities for the first time, Creative Suite 5 products include access to signature Omniture technologies, to capture, store and analyze information generated by Web sites and other sources. Additionally, a brand new component, Adobe Flash® Catalyst™, joins the Creative Suite, ushering in the ability to design interactive content without writing code and improve the collaborative process between designer and developer.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free Download Adobe CS5

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Cebu Pacific Promo 2010

It's 70 for Cebu Pacific too. While others celebrate being 70 years old, we're giving you 70% off! The number one domestic airline in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific gives you a two-day 70% off system-wide seat sale starting now until April 2, 2010. This is for travel from January 1 to March 15, 2011.

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Latest Update Thailand Protest

The Election Commission on Monday decided by a vote of 4-1 to recommend the dissolution of the ruling Democrat Party for receiving an illegal 258 million baht donation case and the alleged misuse of a 29 million baht political development fund provided by the EC.
The decision was made at a special meeting of the EC chaired by Apichart Sukhagganond.
Mr Apichart, who is ex officio political party registrar, presented his recommendation to the commission for consideration.
Commissioner Sodsri Sattayatham revealed earlier the crucial meeting would be held today.
In December last year, the EC resolved that Mr Apichart, as the political party registrar, should decide whether to propose the dissolution of the Democrat Party to the Constitution Court.

14 April 2010 username and password of nod32

Shooting at Muskogee Arrowhead Mall

At least one person is dead and six others injured Saturday evening after a gun battle erupted at Muskogee's Arrowhead Mall.
Police received the shooting call at 4:11 p.m. Saturday afternoon.  Local officers and Muskogee County Sheriff's deputies immediately responded to the mall, located in downtown Muskogee.
Officers tell 2News that the initial gunshots were fired near the mall's stage area.  The gun battle then moved westward, ending near an art gallery.

The rampage claimed the life of 17-year-old Jerrod Reed.
Detectives are investigating what they believe was a targeted killing and an incident of gang-related violence.  They are looking for three suspects connected to the shooting and hope mall surveillance footage will help identify those responsible.

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When you sell products or services online, you know the perils of economic downturns...when consumers start spending less and tightening the purse strings, you have to find more creative ways to make them see the need for what you sell. But what if your website was founded as a charity, a foundation, or an educational resource? If you can't count on commercial sales to keep you afloat, how do you float your boat when the sailing isn't smooth for anyone?
At The Spearhead we've been considering the plight of non-profits during this era of ever-increasing global disasters, ruined economies, and reduced budgets for even the American upper middle-class. Legitimate non-profits may find tips to stimulate their donor base here. We've compiled ways to increase the leverage of your social networking, improve sharing and collaboration, set better goals for your fundraising efforts, and improve the design of your website to give you an edge.

I do not have a EPP/Authorization code

We had a number of queries about .ca domains during the Winter Olympics! Does registering a .ca domain confuse you? This month's article will answer some common questions about registering a .ca domain, and common solutions to your top questions.

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all about Prom Night! The dresses, the hairstyles, the shoes, the corsages

Victor Sandoval and his wife were Los Angeles-area school district administrators when they came up with a ground-breaking idea for a niche marketing website: all about Prom Night! The dresses, the hairstyles, the shoes, the corsages (Victor mentioned that "some students didn't know what a corsage was!")...the limos, the banquets, and more.

Both Victor and his wife had years of experience serving as Prom Advisors, so they knew all the ins and outs of preparation, the critical security issues, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various locations in the San Gabriel Valley area. With 16 years of experience as Activities Advisor, Victor certainly "knew what kids needed or wanted." So in January of 1997, he set up the first version of

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What happened in Bangkok Thailand

At least nine people were reported killed in bloody clashes between government troops and the red shirts of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) on Ratchadamnoen avenue early Saturday night.

Dr Malinee Sukkhavejvorakij, deputy Bangkok governor, revealed in a television interview at about 10.15 that altogether nine people died because of the clashes on Ratchadamnoen avenue.

Of the nine, four were Thai civilians, four soldiers and one Japanese reporter, she said, but did not identify them.

Earlier today, Dr Pichaya Nakwatchara, dirctor of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's General Hospital, said in a television interview that five people died at the hospital.  The figure was later corrected by Dr Malinee.

Latest Update Rally in Bangkok Thailand

The government is defending its decision to shut down the red shirts' People Channel, claiming the satellite television station had distorted information and affected national security.
Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, in a televised broadcast yesterday, said the channel aired disinformation so people would turn on the government. This endangered national security.
PTV broadcast red shirt co-leaders' speeches on stage. Mr Abhisit said the leaders falsely claimed the government was using weapons to suppress protesters.
"This totally contradicts the government's objective, which is to restore peace and order," he said.
"We don't want to inflict any wound or cause the smallest damage."
PTV has covered the red shirt rallies at Phan Fa Bridge and Ratchaprasong intersection.
Prime Minister's Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey said the red shirts had provoked hatred of the government.

Latest Update Protest in Bangkok Thailand

The government has deployed additional police and soldiers at the Bangkok residence in Sukhumvit Soi 31 of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva after the red-shirt leaders yesterday declared they would lead supporters to visit 10 key spots in Bangkok this morning, reports said.
More troops and  riot police were also desployed inside and around the 11th Infantry Regiment on Phahon Yothin road of Bangkok's Bang Khen district this morning. Two lines of barbed wire and barricades were set up around the military camp.
The government's Centre for Public Administration in Emergency Situations was to meet about 9am to assess the situation.
Natthawut Saikua, a core leader of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), said at the Ratchaprasong rally stage on Friday morning that from 9am the red-shirts will start their biggest-ever mobile rallies to pressure for a House dissolution and topple the ruling aristocratic clique (amataya).

Protest in Bangkok

The red-shirts from both Phan Fa Bridge and Ratchaprasong intersection rally sites have headed to the Thaicom satellite station in Pathum Thani's Lat Lum Kaeo district to get their satellite-based television station, the People Channel, back on air.
Natthawut Saikua, a core leader of the United front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), announced at the Ratchaprasong rally stage earlier that the red-shirts would go to the Thaicom station to take it back from the soldiers and then reopen the satellite-based People Channel.
Mr Natthawut said the red-shirts would not return to their main rally sites until they succeeded in their aim.
Mr Natthawut said a report that the red-shirts would rally at homes of the prime minister, his deputy Suthep Thaugsuban, Gen Prayuth Chan-Ocha, the deputy army chief, and ASTV and NBT was incorrect.

Rally in Bangkok

About 3,000 red-shirts of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) are heading for the Thaicom satellite station in Pathum Thani's Lat Lum Kaew district, according to the spokesman of the Centre for Public Administration in Emergency Situations.
Col Sansern Kaemkamnerd said the head of the convoy of vehicles of the red shirts was shortly after noon reported to be at the five-way Lat Phrao junction, heading for Lat Lum Kaew along Vibhavadi=Rangsit highway.

Protest in Thailand

The Criminal Court on Friday approved police warrants for the arrest of 17 prominent members of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) for having led the red-shirts to block the Ratchaprasong intersection since April 3, Pol Col Supisan Pakdinarunart, acting chief of the Crime Suppression Division, said.
Among the 17 were UDD core leaders Veera Musikhapong, Jatuporn Prompan and Natthawut Saikua.

Rally in Bangkok Thailand

Red-shirts from both the Phan Fa Bridge and Ratchaprasong intersection rally sites converged on the Thaicom satellite station in Pathum Thani's Lat Lum Kaeo district on Friday, determined to get their satellite-based television station, the People Channel, back on air.
Natthawut Saikua, a core leader of the United front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), announced at the Ratchaprasong rally stage earlier that the red-shirts would go to the Thaicom station to take it back from the soldiers and then reopen the satellite-based PTV.

"We are marching now to ask them why they closed down People Channel and what rights they have to shut out our eyes and ears," Mr Natthawut announced on stage.

He said the red-shirts would not return to their main rally sites until they succeeded in their aim.

Still Safe in Bangkok Thailand

Foreign residents and tourists are being warned to avoid areas where the red shirt demonstrations are taking place.

Acting government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn said yesterday foreigners were still free to travel, but they should stay away from the protest sites for their own protection.

He said the state of emergency declared by the government on Wednesday appeared to be having little immediate effect on foreign residents and tourists.

The decision to declare the emergency was to ensure peace, stability and a return to normalcy as soon as possible, he said.

Diarmaid MacCulloch’sA History of Christianity: The First 3,000 Years

Jose Carillo: Let's face it—there are things we were taught not to question from our childhood onwards until we become parents ourselves, like the foundations of our faith and the basis for the Holy Week that our predominantly Roman Catholic nation is celebrating now. This was why I was taken off balance seven years ago when my then nine-year-old son asked me why Holy Week wasn't being held on the same date like that of Christmas Day, which is always December 25. Why, he asked, make the scheduling of Holy Week ever-changing and so complicated?

Credit Card Hacker

Computer expert Albert Gonzalez has been jailed for 20 years in the US for his part in stealing more than 130 million credit and debit card numbers.
The judge who sentenced him described the case as "the largest and most costly example of computer hacking in US history".
Gonzalez, from Miami, pleaded guilty at his trial in September 2009.
He was accused, along with two Russian co-conspirators, of hacking into retailer payment systems.
They targeted more than 250 US companies including payment processor Heartland Payment Systems, food and drink store 7-Eleven and American supermarket Hannaford Brothers Co.

NBA Player Gilbert Arenas Send to Jail

NBA star Gilbert Arenas won't spend time behind bars for taking guns into the Wizards locker room, a judge instead sentencing him on Friday to 30 days in a halfway house.
District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin sentenced Arenas, who had pleaded guilty on January 15 to a felony gun charge of carrying an unlicensed pistol - a violation of the US capital's strict gun laws.
Prosecutors had recommended that the player be sentenced to three months in jail.

How to Enjoy Your Travel in the Sky

Even in the olden times, the problem of motion sickness had been prevalent. In fact, it was even referred to as "camel sickness" in the Bible, where the camel riders experience nausea due to moderate swaying. 
With the advent of technology, motion sickness has evolved into many forms such as seasickness, carsickness, space motion sickness, and airsickness; and the reason why more and more people are now traveling by air is because of its capacity to transport people faster. 

Generally, airsickness refers to that feeling of nausea which was triggered by the motion usually experienced when the aircraft escalates to higher altitudes. Some of the common signs of airsickness are loss of appetite, vertigo, burping, stomach awareness, nausea, and increased swallowing and salivation.

How to Get the Best Deals with Airline Companies

In order to get the best deals on airline tickets you should plan to buy your ticket several months before your departure. Many airlines will offer discounted rates if tickets are purchased this far in advance. At a minimum, tickets should be purchased three weeks before your departure as this will also ensure superior seating. Another advantage of buying tickets early is that seasonal price increases will not affect you.

Flying on weekends is best avoided. It is far superior to leave during the week and ideally you should leave early in the week from Monday through Wednesday. Saturdays also often have cheap rates, so traveling on a weekend can work for you providing you do it differently than most people who are traveling just for the weekend. Typically, travelers can expect to pay an additional $40 on weekends if they are doing the standard Friday to Sunday trip. It is also essential to avoid travel during peak seasons. Peak travel seasons such as Christmas, or other holidays will not only delay your flight times and force you to confront crowds but also will cost you more.

Secrets on Lowest Plane Tickets

No wonder that anyone if asked the way they would love to travel and their answer would be air travel. Traveling through air could be fabulous if you have some prior information and if you plan out everything in advance. To get an affordable air travel you should know where to look and in which airline you should book your ticket. Here are few tips that will help you out in finding cheap airline tickets fully legitimately. 

The best way is to go last minute airline ticket websites and check what is available. The airlines should sell tickets to their lights to offset the cost of the flights since no matter how many or how few people are on the flight it must run and they must spend the money.  As the flight gets closer the airline shall lower down the price of their airlines tickets to get the plane fill up. They know that they cannot get the full price so that they keep lowering it a bit everyday until the next take off. The closer to the flight that you are willing to book, the cheaper you will get the airline ticket for it. The last minute airlines ticket websites communicate with the airline and get the information about how they will go.

Tips on Best Airline Cards

There are so many airline cards that might be making you confused to decide which one to choose from? You can easily arrive at some decision by asking yourself these basic questions such as which airline do you use most? or how often do you fly and is there any benefits worth the fees charged by these airlines.

In case you use only one airline whenever you travel you have to first check with them and see if they have their own airline card because some of the airlines don't offer their own card but they are in some join venture with other companies to offer their own special card. However, it is more likely that your favorite airline has its own airline card available.

It may be possible that you just look at the cost of the flights, schedule or deals and don't pay any attention to the airline that takes you to your wished destination. So if this is the case you need to search for an airline card that has more lenience and thus you should be able to find an airlines card that is offered with several airlines instead of just one.

Tips to Reserve Book Cheap Airline Fare

Contrary to what most believe, travel agents do not always know best. They tend to steer you on the route of major airlines, which happens to be the most expensive. They neglect to inform their customers of the other methods of travel that are available to them, which makes sense because they will not make a commission if the customers go with a method that they are not affiliated with. 

With that said, why use a travel agent? Be your own travel agent. The following information will tell you how to be your own travel agent and book the cheapest flight possible.

Global Travel International provides all of the necessary resources for anyone to be an independent travel agent. As an independent travel agent, you can take advantage of the many opportunities you'll have to attend educational and exciting workshops, seminars, events and conferences. You'll learn the most fundamental rules of getting the cheapest flight possible. One of the rules is that flights leaving Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays are always more expensive. Try to leave and return sometime in the middle of the week. 
You'll learn the lowest possible fare might not fall under the economy or APEX fare rate. APEX (advance purchase excursion), is much lower than normal fares and is valid in specific sectors of economy class. It also must be purchased at least seven days prior to time of departure. 
You can take advantage of deals that cater directly to travel agents. Travel agents are privy to a wealth of discounts due to their status.

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Good or Bad?

Started in October 2006, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines pioneers a fresh approach to flying. Its raison d'๊tre is simple: making frequent long-haul travel accessible to all. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines provides not only unbelievable fares but also the opportunity for passengers to customise their flight experience, in either business or economy classes. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited launched with affordable daily direct long-haul flights between Hong Kong and London Gatwick. Now this innovative long-haul discount carrier has expanded its global footprint, with the launch of a new six times weekly direct service connecting Hong Kong with Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver is the largest city in Western Canada, and the third largest city in the country. Vancouver is home to one of the world's largest Chinese communities outside of Asia, and is a popular place of residence for many expatriate and retiree Hong Kong Chinese. Until now, many of these families were unable to travel to visit their relatives as often as they would like, due to the high costs of international air tickets. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited is set to change that, bringing affordable long-haul travel to all and helping families meet up more often.