Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free Download Adobe CS5

Adobe Creative Suite 5® (CS5) is now available for pre-order! PLUS, Adobe is offering free shipping worldwide on all CS5 suites! Adobe traditionally sees a very attractive lift in sales after a Creative Suite product launch. Don't miss this great opportunity to earn a ton of commissions! PLEASE NOTE: pre-order sales will post to your CJ account so you will be able to see when these sales take place. But, all transactions for April will be extended so commissions will not be paid out until May. 

See below for a list of all the NEW CS5 products as well as the links with your CJ PID (2529327) already encoded.

New offers - Not only is Adobe offering free shipping on CS5 pre-orders, you can also get 30% off Adobe Lightroom 2 when purchased with Adobe Photoshop CS5 software. AND, as always, Adobe is offering up to 80% off for students and teachers! See below for more information!

Update your web sites with the new CS5 product information! Adobe's Interactive Guide is a free and easy way to access all the information you need for all of Adobe's products. The Adobe Interactive Guide provides hi-resolution box images, marketing material, promotions, prices, SKU numbers and more. Click here or go to http://adobeinteractiveguide.adobe.com/ for more information about the Adobe Interactive Guide. You can even take a tour to see how easy it is to access key Adobe product information!

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