Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cloud Computing Web Hosting in Europe

City Network, a provider of hosting services, today announced the launch of an innovative Cloud Computing service. The new service, called City Cloud, enables customers to create virtual servers and scale them up and down as needed with a single click. The company adds that the service is available immediately to customers, and is the first Cloud Computing service based in Scandinavia.

It claims that City Cloud enables customers to pay by the hour rather than investing in their own servers and data centers. The service has a price point starting at about half of competing products, such as Amazon EC2. The company states that the it partnered with Enomaly to create City Cloud, and the service is based on Enomaly's Elastic Computing Platform, Service Provider Edition. City Cloud also leverages its established and robust infrastructure, with multiple power and network providers, dual cooling sources, and 100 percent guaranteed uptime SLA.

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