Monday, April 19, 2010

Free Download Latest Version of Coffee Cup Webdesign Software

Free Download Latest Version of Coffee Cup Webdesign Software
We've released yet another update of the HTML Editor. What can we say? We get a kick out of making the best even better. It's a hobby of ours here at CoffeeCup.

So, about this update: You'll be excited to learn that this is just the first update of the year (yep, there's another one on its way), and that it includes more than 20 improvements and enhancements. We've also updated all the HTML Editor themes and released a bunch of shiny new ones too! You can find them here at hefty discounts of over 70%.

It's always a good idea to keep your website design fresh, so get yourself some pretty new themes, and watch the discount increase with every click!

For an overview of the improvements and enhancements, go get your (free!) upgrade. Check out the PDF Help manual for more information about what we tweaked, fixed, and changed.

Enjoy, see you soon, and don't forget to impress your visitors with a brand-spankin'-new website theme!


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