Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Receiving Google Adsense Payment thru Western Union

From Google News: We've expanded Western Union Quick Cash as an AdSense payment method to 10 new countries: Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Iceland, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Lebanon, Slovenia, Tunisia, Moldova and Malta. If you live in any of these locations, you can now sign up to receive your AdSense payments from your local Western Union agent. With Western Union, you'll receive your earnings sooner, since you won't have to wait for checks to arrive in the mail or clear at the bank. Plus, AdSense won't charge you a fee to use this payment method.
Please keep in mind these important points:
- Payments will continue to follow our normal payment schedule and will be available for pickup at your local Western Union agent the day after they're issued.
- You'll need to present a government-issued ID that matches your AdSense payee name when picking up your payment. If you need to update or correct the payee name listed in your account, please follow the instructions in our Help Center.
- Right now, only individual payee names can receive payments by Western Union, not businesses.
- Payments must be picked up within 60 days of issue, or they'll expire and be credited back to your account.
- Payments will be made in US dollars, but depending on your local Western Union agent, they may be picked up in your local currency. 
These instructions will help you to sign up, and our Help Center has more info about picking up your payments and other countries where Western Union payments are available.

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