Tuesday, April 13, 2010

all about Prom Night! The dresses, the hairstyles, the shoes, the corsages

Victor Sandoval and his wife were Los Angeles-area school district administrators when they came up with a ground-breaking idea for a niche marketing website: all about Prom Night! The dresses, the hairstyles, the shoes, the corsages (Victor mentioned that "some students didn't know what a corsage was!")...the limos, the banquets, and more.

Both Victor and his wife had years of experience serving as Prom Advisors, so they knew all the ins and outs of preparation, the critical security issues, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various locations in the San Gabriel Valley area. With 16 years of experience as Activities Advisor, Victor certainly "knew what kids needed or wanted." So in January of 1997, he set up the first version of Prom-Night.com.

The site has always been strictly informational, surviving on advertising alone. For over a decade one of their more prominent advertisers was Anderson's Prom and Party. Seeing the success of Prom-Night.com, Anderson's ultimately decided to establish their own prom website! Many companies have begun to copy the model, but Victor's was first out of the gate. Most companies focus on dresses alone, while Prom-Night has the advantage of plentiful fresh content and a variety of products and services.

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