Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Improve the design of your website

When you sell products or services online, you know the perils of economic downturns...when consumers start spending less and tightening the purse strings, you have to find more creative ways to make them see the need for what you sell. But what if your website was founded as a charity, a foundation, or an educational resource? If you can't count on commercial sales to keep you afloat, how do you float your boat when the sailing isn't smooth for anyone?
At The Spearhead we've been considering the plight of non-profits during this era of ever-increasing global disasters, ruined economies, and reduced budgets for even the American upper middle-class. Legitimate non-profits may find tips to stimulate their donor base here. We've compiled ways to increase the leverage of your social networking, improve sharing and collaboration, set better goals for your fundraising efforts, and improve the design of your website to give you an edge.

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