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web hosting

web hosting is the practice of using an Internet server to link websites stored on a hard drive to the Internet. All websites across the Internet are hosted on such Internet servers. There are countless web hosts that offer a myriad of services, from dedicated support of a single website to mass public offerings of small websites crowded onto single servers.

Best Web Hosting Services

The Best Web Hosting Service Dreamz hosting We are offering different kind of Web Hosting solutions which will be good fit for your needs. We specialized in Linux Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Wordpress Hosting, and Moodle Hosting,and offering range of plans which can be fit in any kind of budgets.

GoDaddy the largest web hosting domain

GoDaddy is one of the largest web hosting and domain registration companies in the world. It was founded in 1997, and as of 2009, it had more than 36 million domain names that it managed – this is 3 times more than its closest competitor.

Want To Choose The Best Web Hosting ..

1- Disk Space: Every web hosting provider make different plans with different spaces, some of them are UNLIMITED and the other are LIMITED by specific gigs. You can choose your disk space according to your amount of space that your website and your work requires.

Web hosting Technology Overview

Have you ever wondered how the technology that powers the Internet and the web actually works? There are specific protocols in place that allow web surfers to find the pages they're looking for and see them in the way their builders intended. Keep reading to find out how the net keeps running smoothly.

Web Hosting Goes Green

If you’re of the opinion that going green is just a “fad,” think again. The green movement is gaining popularity and finding its way into all aspects of our lives, from the food we eat to the websites we view.

Web hosting (Canada)

It may be that Canada isn't at the top of the web hosting game, but clearly from reading this article you should see that they are on the march. If any of the reasons I mentioned pique your interest, using a Canadian web host would be a low risk, high reward business venture. After all, they are our friendly neighbors to the north and most of them do speak English.

Hints for finding the best free web hosting service

Generally it is best not to choose a free hosting package with more features than you need, and also check to see if the company somehow receives revenue from the free hosting itself to keep it in business.

Web hosting is mandatory to remain within the competitive business arena

This is the time of online communication and none of us can deny the convenience of electronic commerce. The web hosting companies

Recommended free web hosts

It would be awfully hard to recommend any free web space host and someone not like it, as different people need different web hosting features and have different priorities, and the webhosting quality may change over time.

Can you really get FREE web hosting?

Yes, there are hundreds of free hosting web sites, as far as not having to pay any money to have your website hosted. Generally they either cost you in time, web hosting restrictions, or modifying your free web pages by adding popups, banners, or other adverts.

How do the free web hosts make money?

The free website hosts often make money in other ways, such as putting banners, popups, or popunders ads on your free webpages. Some free web hosting companies do not put ads on your site,

x10Hosting Free Web Hosting


Best Deals on Boats in the United States

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Travis Boating Center is one of the premier super stores for the best deals on boats in the United States. Travis Boating Center was founded and began by the man who was responsible for launching Bass Pro Shops – the premier store for everything outdoors.

How To Access Your Web Mail Through cPanel

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You can use the Mail Menu to access one of the three web mail programs included in cPanel. These programs will allow you to read your email through a browser window without having to make any changes to the computer you are on or leave any email on the computer you are on.

How To Deny Domain or IP To Your Site

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The IP Deny Manager allows you to prevent an IP address, domain name, or block of IP addresses from accessing your web site.

How To Disable Hotlink Protection

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If you no longer wish to use Hotlink Protection on your site, you can disable it with the

How To Enable Hotlink Protection In Your cPanel

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HotLink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files (as specified below) on your website. Other sites will still be able to link to any file type that you don't specify below (ie. html files).

How To Copy Files In Your Server

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You can use the Copy File function to copy a file into a different directory than its current location. This is very useful is you need multiple copies of the same file in different locations. You can also copy files as a backup before changing them.

How To Move Files In Your Server

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You can use the Move File function in the File Manager to move a file from one directory to another directory without creating a copy of the file.

How To Create New Files In cPanel

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You can create files in any directory on your site by using the Create New File option in the File Manager, This option allows you to create a text, HTML or script file in the directory you are currently in.

How To Edit A File's Contents In Your Server

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You can use the File Manager to edit the contents of a script or a text file by using the Edit File option. Image files can not be edited with the Edit File option.

How To Delete Existing Files In Your Server

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You can use the FILE MANAGER to delete any files from your site that you no longer wish to keep. You may need to delete files if the amount of disk space your site takes up is close to the amount of disk space that you are allowed to have in total.

How To Rename Files In Your cPanel

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Often, changing the name of a file is a necessary adjustment to certain parts of a website. A file's name can be changed by using the Rename File function in the File Manager.

How To Upload Files To Your Site

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For your site to show up on the internet, it needs to be present in your site's public_html directory. You can use the FILE MANAGER to upload files to this directory, and to other directories by using the Upload file(s) option.

How To Change Your Current Directory in cPanel

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Since your website's files will likely be in multiple directories, it is important to know how to navigate to the directory that you wish to be in. You can only access the files in the directory that you are currently in; so, changing directories is necessary to complete many tasks.

Viewing A File's Contents In cPanel's File Manager

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You can use the File Manager to view the text inside a text or script file, or to view the image from an image file by using the Show File Contents option.

How To Set Up Error Pages In cPanel

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The Error Pages function allows you to modify the different HTML pages that a user will see when an error is registered on your site. For example, you can change the file not found page to include your logo, a link back to your site, and apology, or something else.

How To Check Your Error Log In cPanel

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This function will display the last 300 errors for your site. This can be very useful for determining what links are broken on your site, or what files do not exist that should. Checking this log frequently can help keep your site running smoothly.

What Are The Disk Usage Options In cPanel

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You can use the options in the Disk Usage Viewer to control what is displayed in the viewer. Through the options, you can navigate through your site and change the information that is displayed in the viewer.

How To Add A Cron Job In Advanced Mode

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Cron jobs allow you to automate certain commands or scripts on your server to complete repetitive tasks automatically. A cron job allows you to run a certain command at times set by the job.

How To Add A Cron Job In Standard Mode

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Cron jobs allow you to automate certain commands or scripts on your server to complete repetitive tasks automatically. A cron job allows you to run a certain command at times set by the job.

How To Change Language In cPanel

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This function allows you to change the language that is displayed in your cPanel interface. If you need a new language, you will need to contact your cPanel provider in order for them to install it.

To access the Language Maintenance Menu, click on the icon above the words Change Language on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

1 To access the Language Maintenance Menu, click on the icon above the words Change Language on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Select the language you wish to use from the drop down menu next to Set Language to:

3 Click on Change.

How To Change Your Main Password In cPanel Interface

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The Password Maintenance Menu allows you to change the password that you use to access your cPanel interface. Your password should be hard to guess, and changed often.

How To Create A Simple Guestbook Through CGI Center

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The simple guestbook script allows you to create a simple guestbook to add to your site. This guestbook is a basic one and will appear on your site as it does below Edit Guestbook Template.

How To Create A Simple CGI Wrapper

This feature allows you to run CGI scripts from your /scgi-bin/ directory using your uid (user) to run the script. This means that you, or your web pages can run cgi scripts if they are placed in the /scgi-bin/ directory.

How To Create Random HTML Through CGI Center

Random HTML
In Random HTML, you can add many lines of HTML code that will be randomly selected by the Random HTML script to display on a page of your web site.

How To Install Bulletin Board In Your cPanel

This function allows you to add a bulletin board to your site. This board can be used to discuss things such as products, help, current events, or anything else you wish users of your site to be able to discuss.

How To Restore Backups In Your Server

You can use the Backup Menu to restore a Home, MySQL, filter, or alias backup. To do this, you must have that backup on the computer that you are accessing cPanel from.

How To Download An Alias Or Filter In Your cPanel

You can use this function to save a site alias or filter to your computer so you can restore it later.

How To Download A MySQL Database Backup

This function will allow you to download all MySQL databases that are a part of your account. As these databases change frequently, you may require to download them more often than the files in your /home directory.

How To Download A Home Directory Backup

This function will allow you to download all of the files in your home directory. This can be useful to backup the html side of your site. However, it will not backup DNS, mySQL, or other system files and settings.

How To Download Backup In Your Server

You can use the Backup Menu to download any automatic backups that have been created by your server administrator.

How To Generate A Full Backup In Your cPanel

A full backup will backup all files needed to restore your account if it is corrupted, deleted, or moved to another server. Generating a full backup and saving it to a remote location can be a very safe move in case of problems with your account.

How To Remove Apache Handlers

If you no longer need a special action for the file types you have specified, you can remove the handlers you have created with the Apache handlers menu

How To Add Apache Handlers

Apache handlers allow you to control what Apache will do with certain file types. When Apache sees a file, it has an action built in for that file type, and will perform that action. If you wish Apache to do a different action, you will need to make a handler to tell Apache to perform that action. For example,

How To Install Agora Shopping Cart in cPanel

The Agora Shopping Cart is a fully featured shopping cart that can be installed with the click of a button. The product is fully documented at the Interchange site - please refer to the Agora web site if you have any questions about using the shopping cart.

How To Remove Addon Domains

The Addon Domain Maintenance menu allows you to remove addon domains from your account. This will not remove the subdomain that the addon domain points to.

How To Add Domains in cPanel

The Addon Domain Maintenance menu allows you to add addon domains to your account. An addon domain allows you to reach a subdomain when entering the name of the addon domain into a browser. This means that you can host additional domains from your account, if allowed by your hosting provider.

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Holiday Rush at GoDaddy Web Hosting

The holiday rush is on! So whether you need a last-minute gift for a friend, family member or just want to make your Web presence sparkle for the holidays, wrap up your shopping this weekend at, with 10% OFF** your order of $50 or more.

How To Move To Another Server or Datacenter

Written By Robert Bohm

So it's time to transfer your clients to a new datacenter? Want to minimize downtime, bounced emails, and dynamic data loss?

How To Install Invision Power Board

Install Invision Power Board in the /public_html/ folder of your site

Many of you may have tried to install IPB through the cPanel 'Scripts Library' into but were not able to do so as you can only install in a sub-directory.

Why You Should Use Cpanel for Your Website?

Written by Vivek Gupta

Cpanel or popularly known as hosting control panel system is the next generation web hosting system which is currently heading the list.

Rails Application Management Partner (RAMP) Program

The new Rails Application Management Partner (RAMP) Program, created by web hosting application solutions developer, FiveRuns, includes reseller and cooperative marketing incentives for enterprise and open source management platforms.

Defining What Is Adult Content in the Internet

Many of our publishers regularly ask what is exactly considered adult
or mature content by AdSense policies. It's a lot easier to understand
when we speak about family-safe content.

Special Offer at HostMySite Web Host has unveiled special promotions for the month of November, including three months of free services, when customers purchase a new shared annual hosting account, also waiving the setup fees.

Special Sale From IPower Web Hosting

IPower, a hosting company, has announced its Fall Special, which features its Pro Plan hosting package at the price of $4.95/month. This discount is available for their 12-month and 24-month plans.

Dot Asia Domains

EnCirca, an ICANN-accredited .Asia registrar, is now accepting applications for the second Sunrise phase for .asia domains. The DotAsia registry reports that over 15,000 trademark applications were received during its first month.

Dual Xeon Promotion Offered by The Planet Hosting Company

The Planet, a dedicated hosting company, today launched a special Dual Xeon promotion designed to help customers prepare for the Cyber Monday onslaught. The promotion – which offers savings of up to 43 percent – combines performance, price points and fast provisioning. It also allows customers to purchase servers on-demand for one of the company's most popular portfolio selections.

Enterhost Gets Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Certificate

Enterhost, a provider of Windows-only web hosting solutions, announced today it has been awarded the elite designation of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Program.

Ascio: A Domain Management Company

Ascio, a domain name management company, part of Group NBT plc., ranked among the top 5 registrars for DotAsia, which opened for the first phase of Sunrise applications on October 9th. Sunrise 2a officially closed on October 30.

Future Hosting Attains Platinum Partner Status

Future Hosting, an Internet solutions provider serving small to medium sized businesses internationally, announced today it has attained exclusive SWsoft Platinum Partner status as recognition of its commitment to the software company's control panel and server management solutions.

AIT Web Hosting Offers 20 % Discount

AIT, a web hosting solutions provider has unveiled its latest sale just in time for the holidays. The Power Buy promotion offers savings of up to 20 percent on all of the company's dedicated hosting plans. To take advantage of it, customers simply need to contact the company and mention the promotion.

The Planet Offers Reseller Program

The Planet, a dedicated hosting company, today launched its first reseller program under their new corporate moniker. The three-tiered program provides web hosting resellers with multiple options for building their businesses.

Mobi Domain For Sale, a web host and domain name registrar, announced that it is offering a 50 percent discount on .mobi domain name registration.

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Save 20 % from Godaddy Domains and Web Hosting

We've got a lot to be thankful for — especially customers like you. So this weekend, gobble up some Thanksgiving savings on us, with 20% OFF** your order of $75 or more

Web Publishing Experience

What is boastMachine?

boastMachine is an open source, state of the art publishing platform written from scratch, that makes your web publishing experience so fun and easy as never before!

Comprehensive Blog Engine

b2evolution can be installed automatically using Fantastico in cPanel.
What is b2evolution?

Special Offer of iPower Web Host

It may be getting cold outside, but our hosting sale is hot, hot, hot!! Fall is ending soon, and we thought it was time to have a Fall Special. With this sale, our Pro Plan hosting package – our most popular plan – is discounted to the extremely low price of $4.95/month.

Hosting Multiple Domains in One Web Host Account

When you get an account with Hostgator Webhost, you are given an opportunity to host unlimited number of domains. What we mean of unlimited is really unlimited. There's a question whether you can host your friends' sites through your account. Hostgator's answer is this:

Starting Page of Hostgator Web Hosting

Welcome to! We're glad you signed up.

Please read our getting started and information page found at Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

2 Net Domains for 12 Dollars

Protect your brand, expand your Web presence, give your business credibility and much more — all with TWO domain names for one LOW price at!

999 GB of Disk Space for Web Hosting

My name is Dan Ushman. I am one of the affiliate manager for AN Hosting/midPhase and I am also a co-founder of the company. I am trying to recruit affiliates who are not promoting AN Hosting to give us a shot -- and I am prepared to make some pretty big offers in terms of commissions.

Choosing the Best Web Host

It's already a known that HostICan offers excellent customer service and value. So why not go one step further? Why not give away a money prize? Everyone is always looking for the best deal out on the web for Web Hosting. So that's exactly what we're going to do, give them a great deal! Especially on the Pro-Host and Mega-Host hosting packages!

Web Hosting A Competitive Industry

One thing I must say. Not only is the hosting industry competitive, it's also known as one of the more… How should I put it? awesome industries. Over the last week, there have been many changes within HostICan and its partners ranging from marketing meetings to product and pricing.

HostiCan Web Hosting Affiliate Program

4. Do you need a affiliate manager that's always there? We think you might. HostICan has establish a trust relationship with our affiliates. This is one more reason why more then 15,000 of them work with us.

HostiCan Web Host Protects You from SPAM

1. Everyone has seen and has had to delete SPAM. Aren't you sick of getting it all the time?! HostICan customers have the ability to make sure they don't get a single SPAM message,or un-requested ad. The all new HostICan filtering network ensures that customers never get a message that is unwanted.

HostiCan Web Hosting Offers Free Domain

HostICan has rolled out may new and exciting things. Many of which I have noted below!
HostICan has introduced "Free Domains for Life!" means that the customer can get this domain (without) any yearly fees!

Great Things in HostICan Web Hosting


We have all seen how it feels to be part of something great, or have something great. Now! not only do the HostICan affiliates have something great,

Unlimited Bandwidth in Web Hosting

Have you ever come across a site that uses tons of bandwidth? Perhaps you even have one yourself. Well, many people enjoy sharing family movies and other personal data with friends and family. This is exactly why we have set all Shared Hosting packages (Windows, Pro-Host, and Mega-Host included!) with UNLIMITED bandwidth.

Web Hosting in Windows Platform

As many of you most likely already, know I get many requests for coupons (goes something like what I have displayed below)
When will we get some more new codes? When are you guys going to release some more hosting packages?
Can I have the codes first?

Hostican Web Hosting Free 1 Month Hosting

From HostiCan Web Hosting Blog

Not sure how many of you have heard yet. However, HostICan will be providing WordPress supporters - 1 month free of hosting! Below are just "Some" of the things you can expect:

HostICan Web Hosting Offers 20 % Discount

As you know, HostICan is an online company, so we are unable to send all of you a hot roasted turkey for your Thanksgiving dinners. However, we are able to give you some amazing discounts on our web hosting plans,

Why You Need Multiple Years Domain Registration

It happens more often than you think. You don't notice the email reminders, you lose track of time, or maybe you just plain forget — and before you realize it, your domain name has expired.

Hosted Solutions at Fast 50 Awards

Hosted Solutions, a Raleigh, N.C.-based provider of managed hosting and data center services, was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the Triangle at the Triangle Business Journal's annual Fast 50 Awards ceremony on November 2, 2007.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hostway UK: A Web Hosting Provider

Hostway UK, a web hosting provider, today announced it is offering a 50% discount on industry standard 128 bit SSL certificates. At £35 per annum, the 128 bit GeoTrust QuickSSL premium certificates will be the lowest cost single root certificate available.

Server Choice and SWsoft, a UK based provider of dedicated server products today announced that it has partnered with SWsoft, a server automation and virtualisation software provider. The company has expanded their range of server offerings by introducing three new virtual server packages powered by SWsoft's Virtuozzo solution.

Advanced Internet Technologies

Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc., a web hosting provider, announces its money saving promotion, Happy Hosting Holidays. The savings are applicable on select fully-managed business, reseller and dedicated options. The company states that these promotions have free value-additions.

Hosted Solutions and Yap

Hosted Solutions, the East Coast's data center and managed services provider, has added Yap, the creators of a speech recognition platform, to their portfolio of Web 2.0 companies. The Charlotte, North Carolina based company provides a service that converts anything anyone says into text, instantaneously.

Domain Names for Auction

SnapNames Live Auction catalog to list top domain names for debut auction at DOMAINfest Global's Hollywood Event in January 2008

More Load Balancer for Softlayer

SoftLayer announced it has added an automated, hardware-driven load balancing solution to its portfolio of automated managed services.

Reseller Program for Web Hosting Business

The Planet, a dedicated hosting company, today launched its first reseller program under their new corporate moniker. The three-tiered program provides web hosting resellers with multiple options for building their businesses.

The Birth of SQLBase Treasury

Unify Corp., a provider of application modernization software, today announced the availability of SQLBase Treasury, a fully transactional, high performance and encrypted version of the SQLBase embeddable database.

The company claims that SQLBase Treasury helps organizations avoid bad press, damage to reputations and possible costly litigation by providing security and protection of databases and applications.

SQLBase Treasury can help organizations take control of securing confidential information on networks and laptops. With industry-standard 128bit Triple DES database encryption, over the wire and database encryption, and built-in brute force, denial of service attack and encryption key search prevention, SQLBase provides a tamperproof database for customers with mobile workforces that store or distribute sensitive or financial customer data.

The system encrypts data traffic between client and server to protect from network sniffing attacks. In addition SQLBase protects from password guessing attacks and DOS denial of service attacks by incrementing login retry intervals. Every unsuccessful attempt made to access the data through a false password is timed and the time is then doubled on the next attempt. Programs that try a large number of passwords are blocked.

SQLBase Treasury, built on the heritage of SQLBase 11, is a small footprint, self managing embedded databases among ISVs and corporate end users. The combination of zero maintenance, reliability, embeddablity and encryption make SQLBase Treasury ideal as a relational data store for low-security, high-risk environments. A product evaluation of SQLBase Treasury is available from the Unify website. Pricing begins at $224 for a developer version.

"SQLBase Treasury encrypts information within the database and secures applications, to protect against hacking and attacks of personal and confidential data. Customers face the very real threat of theft, security breaches and brute force attacks in today's mobile world. SQLBase Treasury brings peace of mind to organizations that widely use laptops and have an increased risk of losing sensitive information by encrypting the data and applications, preventing it from getting into the hands of competitors and criminals," said Duane George, Vice President of Product Development and CTO of Unify.

Softlayer Web Host Has Partnership iwth Intermap Network Services Corporation

Internap Network Services Corporation, a provider of end-to-end Internet business solutions, today announced that SoftLayer, a supplier of on-demand hosting services, signed a 5-year contract with Internap to deliver data center and network services to power its utility hosting solution.

ICANN Wants Accurate Information

If you are a domain owner, you are like to receive this message from ICANN. Read on...

It's that time of year again. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) annually requires that all accredited registrars (like Go Daddy)

Why the Planet Data Center?

"Just as large companies require a rich IT infrastructure, today's small businesses require the same products and tools, but at prices geared to meet their budgets," said The Planet's Director of Product Management Urvish Vashi.

ICANN introduces new magazine

We want people to understand what issues are pending before ICANN, how interested stakeholders can contribute and when decisions will be made. This magazine will help that understanding. This is the latest in series of improvements to accountability and transparency at ICANN. Some of these changes include improved board reporting, a blog, an annual report, an improved website,