Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recommended free web hosts

It would be awfully hard to recommend any free web space host and someone not like it, as different people need different web hosting features and have different priorities, and the webhosting quality may change over time.
 Also some people want free domain hosting (you own the domain), and others might not be able to buy a domain name. Here are some of the most recommended free web hosts, and their main features.
50Webs ( gives you a URL such as (or you can use your own domain name), and offers 60 MB webspace, POP3 email, and unlimited bandwidth. You can upload via a file manger or FTP import. There are no ads or popups placed on your hosted web pages. You can setup multiple addon domains and subdomains under the same web hosting account.
Tripod ( is controversial. Many people hate the ads they put on your site or its other limitations, but it is one of the oldest and most reliable free web hosts. They give you 20 MB webspace, a subdomain, file manager and editor, and webpage statistics. The bandwidth limit is 1 GB/month. You can upload several file types such as RealAudio, RealVideo, Flash, MP3, and Java; and CGI/Perl, SSI, and FrontPage Server Extensions scripting is supported.

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