Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Planet Offers Reseller Program

The Planet, a dedicated hosting company, today launched its first reseller program under their new corporate moniker. The three-tiered program provides web hosting resellers with multiple options for building their businesses.

The company has claimed that it will offer charter members a free month of service for each new server purchased during the three-month introductory launch. Resellers interested in participating in the new program can apply for reseller status by meeting specific qualifying criteria.

The company's new reseller program offers a range of options specifically earmarked for the web hosting reseller community:

Three-Tiered Program: Customers can apply for reseller status at three service levels, with monthly recurring revenues of $500, when they meet the program criteria. Resellers are guaranteed specific discounts that escalate based on their levels of participation.

Dedicated Sales Team: Resellers can work either with a dedicated and consultative sales executive for placing new orders, or they can order new servers quickly and easily from a reseller-dedicated online order form.

Quick & Easy Scalability: The company offers a broad portfolio of options for resellers, with hardware, software, backup solutions, firewalls, load balancers and security options. Resellers who require quick additions can select Ready-To-Go servers that are installed in just one hour or less. This broad array of solutions is designed to meet the simplest to the most sophisticated range of products and services for resellers.

Reseller-Enabled Portal with Marketing Collateral: Customers will find an information resource with tools targeted specifically to meet their business goals. Resellers can take advantage of marketing collateral at no charge, with selections that include brochures, photography and white papers. The company also plans to publish a reseller-only newsletter that provides business tips and exclusive offerings for its reseller community.

Quality Hardware Selections: With the company's partnership with Dell, resellers can be assured that their businesses run on servers from a quality hardware manufacturer. (source:

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