Friday, October 2, 2009

Great Things in HostICan Web Hosting


We have all seen how it feels to be part of something great, or have something great. Now! not only do the HostICan affiliates have something great,
But something to be proud of. Below are five reasons why HostICan is the #1 Rated Web Host!

1. Everyone has seen and has had to delete SPAM. Aren't you sick of getting it all the time?! HostICan customers have the ability to make sure they don't get a single SPAM message, or un-requested ad. The all new HostICan filtering network ensures that customers never get a message that is unwanted. Not only does the customer have the ability to see what has been marked as SPAM, but most importantly to add it to a white-list so its never flagged again!

2. Do you enjoy choice? We do. This is why, HostICan offers the greatest select of web hosting plans, and servers. Not only will our engineers help your customer find the correct solution, they will monitor it 24/7 for them.

3. Does everyone think differently? We think so. This is why HostICan has a great affiliate program that allows growth. Do you think you will have more then five (5) customers a month? the answer maybe yes. With our affiliate program, you can earn more simply for referring.

4. Do you need a affiliate manager that's always there? We think you might. HostICan has establish a trust relationship with our affiliates. This is one more reason why more then 15,000 of them work with us. Do you have a affiliate question?! Do you need an answer at 3AM? An affiliate manager will be more then happy to provide you with an answer, what ever time it is.

5. Are you looking for something that converts? HostICan has something that will. Join us and find out what lays in store for you and your website. We will even give your customers a month free of hosting that can't be matched else where. So many options, so many possibilities

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