Friday, October 2, 2009

Web Hosting A Competitive Industry

One thing I must say. Not only is the hosting industry competitive, it's also known as one of the more… How should I put it? awesome industries. Over the last week, there have been many changes within HostICan and its partners ranging from marketing meetings to product and pricing.

Below are only *Sum* of the changes

We change the pricing for Domain Names ($15.00 to FREE for Life!)
We have been talking about the package pricing and other variables (Still in the pipeline).
We have been able to find and ensure that customers get the very best service by hiring 4 new support agents (in addition to our 8 already).
Lots of other stuff… to early to tell

However, one thing that's even better is the commissions. You got it. Commissions and yes, I am talking about those checks that you see every month for all the referrals that you guys send. We are taking a look at those now too, seeing where the conversions are how we can improve them and all those fun Optimization factors.

The long / short of it is that we are constantly coming up with new ideas and performance based concepts. However, there are some really neat ideas floating around the office on what can be done, and how it can be done. All I can really ask is that you stay tuned for the upcoming news (Mid week – I would say).

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