Thursday, October 8, 2009

How To Install Invision Power Board

Install Invision Power Board in the /public_html/ folder of your site

Many of you may have tried to install IPB through the cPanel 'Scripts Library' into but were not able to do so as you can only install in a sub-directory.
 However if you have Fantastico installed in your cPanel then it is possible to auto-install into the root folder. Enlisted below are the step by step procedures on how you can install IPB on through the Scripts Library option

Log into your cPanel account. By going to or Once you enter cPanel, click the 'Scripts Library' icon located towards the right of the 'CGI Center' icon
You will be directed to a page where a few Open Source Application choices are listed. Click on ' InvisionBoard'
Now you will be taken into a page where you have to enter the Login details, fill them as you deem appropriate.
In the field that says 'Install at this url':  enter test  forum.
Your installation is completed and your board is fully functioning at, but we still haven't finished yet.
Log into your FTP using an FTP program like Ws_FTP.
Go into the public_html folder on your web-space.
Go into the testforum folder in public_html.
Select all the contents of this folder. Right click on it and choose the option 'Move to'. In the destination area for the Move to command, enter /public_html/
Log out of your FTP account and Log in again.
All the contents of the testforum should now be in the public_html folder.
Download the file conf_global.php file, located in the public_html folder to your computer.
Open the file with an editing program like, Dreamweaver or Notepad.
Locate $INFO['base_dir'] in this file, it would be pointing to /public_html/testforum/ , remove the /testforum
After removing it the address should look something like /home/user/public_html , where /user/ is your cPanel username.
Locate $INFO['board_url'] and change where it is pointing to by entering the root URL you want, that is
Locate $INFO['html_dir'], again make this point to /home/user/public_html/html/ and not to /home/user/public_html/tesforum/html
Do the same for INFO['html_url'], $INFO['upload_dir'] and $INFO['upload_url'] and any other field that show /testforum/ is their location
Go to and hopefully your IPB forum will be fully functional!
This guide has been tested and has worked with IPB versions 1.2 and 1.3

Note: I am not responsible for any damages, errors or any problems that you may incur while following this guide. You are doing so solely at your own risk.

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