Thursday, October 15, 2009

How To Edit A File's Contents In Your Server

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You can use the File Manager to edit the contents of a script or a text file by using the Edit File option. Image files can not be edited with the Edit File option.

1 To access the FILE MANAGER, click on the icon above the words File Manager on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Click on the icon next to the file you wish to edit.

3 Click on edit file on the right side of the screen:

4 Another window will open with the contents of that file.

5 To edit the file simply add, remove, or change text by typing in the window.

6 When you have finished editing the file click on the Save button.

7 If you wish to change the name of the file type a new name in the Save file as: field.

NOTE: After saving the changes to the file following will appear (except file will be the name of the file and /home/directory//file will be the directory you are in and the filename):

/home/directory//file File Saved

Continue editing file

7) To continue editing the file, click on the word file.

8) To return to the File Manager close the browser window.

Be careful to make sure spelling and punctuation is correct when editing files, especially script files. Small errors may cause a script to not run properly or at all. (source:

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