Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ascio: A Domain Management Company

Ascio, a domain name management company, part of Group NBT plc., ranked among the top 5 registrars for DotAsia, which opened for the first phase of Sunrise applications on October 9th. Sunrise 2a officially closed on October 30.

According to Product Manager Francesco Cetraro, "Ascio's success was primarily due to excellent processing, great knowledge and a constant flow of high quality data delivered to the .Asia Registry. Our ability to process orders quickly gives us a high success rate, which allows us to provide partners with easy and problem-free .Asia domain name registration."

Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organisation, added, "We are very enthusiastic about the high interest in .Asia. We are confident that the number of applications in the upcoming phases will increase even more as corporations around the world take advantage of the last chance for priority registrations during the Sunrise period. Ascio's overall performance in Sunrise 2a was impressive. Their expertise in the industry and technical capabilities were exceptional, placing them among the top registrars in the .Asia Registry."

The remaining Sunrise phases give businesses a chance to register domains to protect their brands online before the general public is invited to take part in the Landrush registration phase in February 2008. The second round of Sunrise phases — General Registered Marks, SR2b, and Extended Protection, SR2c — in addition to Sunrise phase 3 (Registered Entity Names) is now open and will run through to January 15 2008.(

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