Thursday, October 15, 2009

web hosting

web hosting is the practice of using an Internet server to link websites stored on a hard drive to the Internet. All websites across the Internet are hosted on such Internet servers. There are countless web hosts that offer a myriad of services, from dedicated support of a single website to mass public offerings of small websites crowded onto single servers.
Many companies are now looking at reselling web hosting in order to earn additional revenue during this recession.
Reseller web hosting is not much different from standard web hosting. A standard web host will rent an Internet server or own its own server on location. They will have full physical and digital access to this server to do with it as they please. This gives them a large degree of control over the services that they offer. It is also a lot of work.
Reseller web hosts rent web space from these standard web hosts. However, resellers rent the space with the intent of turning around and renting that same space out to someone else at a profit. Essentially, a reseller web host is a middle man in the Internet website hosting industry.
While the practice is ethically questionable, there are certain beneficial services that a reseller web host can offer. For instance, they might offer a level of personal service that cannot be matched by larger companies. They might also combine their web hosting offer with their other products and/or services, such as website design or business consulting. Basically, reseller web hosts thrive by offering alternate services that either complement or are complemented by the web hosting. This is the main way in which they differ from standard web hosts.
Reseller web hosts look for a lot of different things when they are initially renting out their space. Generally, they will go to a web host that specializes in offering reseller services. This first web host will give the reseller a large amount of space and bandwidth with a specially designed control panel that will allow the reseller to delegate out the space, bandwidth, and other services as they see fit.
Traditionally, reseller web hosting has been a relatively limited practice. It has only been used by those with previous experience with web hosting that are just looking to augment their services. Recently, reseller web hosting has experienced an influx of small- to medium-sized businesses looking for an additional source of profit