Friday, January 1, 2010

27th International Public Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil

ICANN, recently announced the conclusion of 27th International Public Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Over 720 delegates from 90 countries gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazil for ICANN's 27th International Meeting. These meetings, one of three held each year, are open to anyone interested in participating.
Other noteworthy events this week included the signing of the .asia Registry Agreement with the sponsor, DotAsia Organization which was announced in October and the addition of Ecuador, Jamaica and Norway to ICANN's Country Code Names Support Organization. This brings membership of the ccNSO to 57 countries, says ICANN.

"This has been a very successful meeting that has seen exceptional cooperation from the ICANN community and substantial progress on a number of fronts, a highlight d uring the week was the formation of the Latin America - Caribbean RALO, which has seen twenty-two Internet user groups from across the region come together to form a group that represents Internet users. This is a historic moment that will mean individual Internet users from this region will have greater input into ICANN's processes," said Vint Cerf, Chairman of ICANN.

"I am delighted to say that Vint Cerf was returned as Chairman and Mr. Roberto Gaetano was elected as Deputy Chair. We are extremely fortunate to have these two outstanding members of the community in these crucial leadership roles, it's also timely to recognize that the Board members, like so many in the ICANN community provide their time as volunteers. This takes a huge toll on them and we are extremely grateful for their efforts," said Dr Paul Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN.


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