Friday, January 1, 2010

The First Virtual Dedicated Cluster Service

Cartika Hosting, a business web hosting provider, today announced that it has introduced the web hosting industry's first true Virtual Dedicated Cluster service, designed for businesses with diverse but robust hosting requirements.

With the new service, the company claims to utilize its existing infrastructure to offer businesses access to a cluster of servers, without the expense of requiring the customer to maintain the cluster exclusively. Instead, the company hosts several customers in each server, thereby creating a shared or virtual hosting environment spread across an assortment of application servers.

Virtual Dedicated Clusters can be designed in a multitude of configurations, depending upon the individualized need of the customer. For example, some VDCs may include several logical services, such as Mail and Web, hosted on a dedicated server, in addition to other services, such as DNS and Control Panel, hosted on the rest of the virtual cluster.

By using a Virtual Dedicated Clusters, businesses can dramatically improve the reliability of their web services by offloading not-critical services onto separate servers.

Continuous Data Protection backup technology from R1Soft can also be integrated into Virtual Dedicated Clusters, providing an additional layer of data protection and reliability. R1Soft backups allow for flexible, frequent restore points to be taken and stored on a central server.

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