Friday, January 1, 2010

DataPoint Acquires VelocityServer

DataPoint, Inc., a data center provider, today announced that it has acquired VelocityServer, a provider of dedicated servers, effective November 30, 2006.
DataPoint will acquire 250 customers and additional data center capacity in the transaction. DataPoint is owned by a company called Continental Broadband, which encompasses commercial Internet data providers wholly owned by Landmark Communications. Privately-owned, Landmark Communications companies are a group of publications and media outlets, including newspapers, television broadcasting, cable TV programming and electronic publishing. VelocityServer is a provider of hosting solutions. The company's data center is located in Baltimore's Digital Harbor.

"DataPoint is a Baltimore-based hosting provider whose customer service philosophies matched our own," explained the Principal of VelocityServer, John Glorioso. "Our matching goals coupled with their superior hosting infrastructure made DataPoint the perfect choice to step in and provide our customers with an increased range of products and services."

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