Saturday, March 27, 2010

List of Airline Companies in America

The airline industry is in a constant state of flux. In 2005, Trans Meridian Airlines quit doing business while EOS Airlines and Maxjet Airways took to the skies. By early 2006, Independence Air quit flying and Virgin America announced that they were seeking U.S. government approval in hopes of taking their first flight. Beyond the U.S. borders, the Mexican airline industry is in the process of being revolutionized as the Mexican government divests itself of interest in two leading carriers. With this particular decision a handful of new carriers are set to take off south of the U.S. border. To keep track of the all the changes involves a ton of work, but I've done the hard work for you. The following list contains all of the current airlines serving the Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Stay tuned…more air carriers are certain to follow while some existing carriers may call it quits!

How many names do you recognize? Some carriers are strictly charter operators while others fly regionally. Still others are very small operators of Cessna aircraft, not what you might consider "airline" aircraft, but in the eyes of the Federal Aviation Administration they are:


Air Canada

Air Labrador

Air Transat

AirTran Airways

Alaska Airlines

Allegiant Air

Aloha Airlines

American Airlines


Avolar Aerolíneas

Big Sky Airlines

Cape Air

Chautauqua Airlines

Continental Airlines

Delta Airlines

EOS Airlines

Frontier Airlines

Gulfstream Int'l Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

JetBlue Airways

Maxjet Airways

Mesa Air Group

Mexicana Airlines

Miami Air Int'l

Midwest Airlines

North American Airlines

Northwest Airlines

Pace Airlines

Pen Air

Primaris Airlines

Ryan Int'l Airlines

Shuttle America

Simmons Air


Southwest Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Sun Country Airlines


United Airlines

USA 3000 Airlines


WestJet Airlines

World Airways

To keep the list simple, cargo carriers were omitted. Otherwise, operators such as UPS, Kalitta Air, and Emery would have been included.

Contact the carriers directly to find out what schedules they are keeping and airfare information. Perhaps you'll find a "bargain" in the crowd and be able to try out an all new carrier.

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