Thursday, March 18, 2010

Erik Morales looking for a 4th fight with Pacquiao?

March 19, 2005 may go down as one of if not, Erik Morales' defining moment when he out-boxed, boxing's current pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao, en route to a close but decisive unanimous decision win.

Unfortunately for Morales (48-6, 34 KOs) it was the final win of his career before retiring in 2007 after losing to David Diaz (and previously to Pacquiao in a 2nd and 3rd fight). Since then, Morales has sat back watching the boxing world go by but after nearly three years in retirement, "El Terrible" has had enough and is set to return on March 27 against Jose Alfaro in Monterrey, Mexico.

It's a tough task for an aged fighter, especially after losing four straight since that 2005 win over Pacquiao, to return to form; in fact it's nearly impossible. Still, that hasn't stopped Morales from thinking about the future, which includes a 4th bout with the Pacman. A 4th bout? Yes, you read that right.

“The two opponents who have defined my career are Junior Jones and Manny Pacquaio,” Morales said today. “Defeating Jones (TKO4) was important to me because he had stopped something like 32 Mexicans in previous fights. Defeating Pacquaio is my greatest accomplishment in the ring. I remember seeing him cry after our fight. I would love another chance at Pacquaio and I also look forward to fighting Juan Manuel Marquez in the future. At 147, I’m faster than ever and freer with my body so I can get the most out of it. First, though, is my fight against Jose Alfaro on March 27th in Monterrey on pay per view. Alfaro is a great young fighter and a former world champion. A wicked puncher who will bring his best, he has a big heart into the ring, and always gives fans everything he has.”

Wishful thinking that's for sure, especially considering how Pacquiao battered him in their return bouts.

Needless to say, Morales has high hopes and expectations of himself and on the 27th, we'll see if the layoff has given him enough rest to even contemplate getting it on with the best that the welterweight division has to offer - a far fetched goal, if you ask me.

Still, if there's one thing you can count on Morales for, it's fun-to-watch fights. Alfaro however, will show us if the end of the line arrives in March or if one of Mexico's best has anything left in the tank.


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